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Eating Guidelines to Follow While Traveling


It is always difficult to maintain your diet if you have to travel. A holiday, business trip or a few days away with friends can ruin months of carful diet and exercise. It is just the nature of going away to stop for takeout, have big meals in the restaurants and basically just overindulge, forgetting everything you know about healthy eating.

It can happen very easily but it does not have to be that way. Here is a straightforward eating guideline to follow while travelling.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

Water is essential to keep you hydrated but will also cause you to eat less. Carry a water bottle around at all times and drink often.

  • Avoid Alcohol (As Much as Possible)

Sure, it is a trip or a holiday and often the perfect excuse to enjoy a few drinks but try to keep alcohol to a minimum. Apart from the empty calories you will consume in alcohol, it also causes you to make poor diet choices. Stick to 2 or 3 drinks, have plenty of water in-between and you will be ok.

  • Plan Ahead

There is nothing wrong with taking a few fruits and healthy, nutritious snacks along with you. A great way to get your fresh fruit and vegetables is to make a few freshly blended smootihie is advance. Use fresh ingredients and take them with at the beginning if your trip. You can even freeze one or two for later in the day. Yoghurts and nuts are also good options. This is especially true on road trips where your only other options might be a burger and fries. Avoid chips, sweets, and chocolate as much as you can. Snack regularly to avoid binge eating when you do go to dinner or a restaurant. Pack everything you will need for the trip and don’t forget the toothbrush. See the most recommendedhere.

  • Know Your Route

If you do not know the route, it might be tempting to stop at the first food place you find which often will not be the healthiest option. By doing a bit of homework beforehand, you will know what alternatives are available and where they are, allowing you to make healthier choices.

Smartphone apps can also be very useful for this as well.

  • Use Melatonin for Jetlag

If your trip is going to take you across time zones, use this supplement to assist in resetting your internal clock faster. Lack of sleep makes you eat more and also makes you go for the less healthy choices. Try to maintain your normal routine and get sufficient sleep while you are away.

  • Read the Menu

Most places, including airlines, often have healthy options available now days. Sometimes they are hard to find so if you are not sure, ask. Go for high protein, balanced meals whenever possible.

  • Scan the Buffet

The same applies at the buffet table. It is harder to resist when you see the delicious food spread out in front of you but again there are many healthy choices. Avoid deep fried, fatty foods and heavy carbohydrates in favour of protein based meals. Go for the roasted meat with vegetable or a salad.

Breakfast buffets are great as there is normally a great selection of fresh fruit on offer. Have a large serving of fruit, possibly with some nuts or yoghurts as well. If you want a hot meal, eggs are the best bet.

  • Cheat Occasionally

You are on a trip away from home and it is inevitable you will cheat now and then. Don’t beat yourself up over a mistake or two, just do not make it a habit. Try and fit in a bit of high impact exercise or take a long walk if you do overindulge a few times.

Stick to these simple guidelines when you travel and you will be healthier for it.

If you have any questions, please ask below!