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Driving Tips for a Summer Road Trip

In an effort to save some hard-earned cash on airfare, you’ve decided to get behind the steering wheel. You may be excited or you may be nervous. However, if you sufficiently prepare before the big road trip, it should be a fun and unforgettable adventure. Whether you’re driving with your family or your closest friends, here are 6 valuable driving tips to consider before piling into the car.

1. Get Your Smartphone Road Trip Ready

In today’s world, we rely heavily on our smartphones for constantly updated information. When driving across the state or across the country, your phone is an extremely helpful tool. Here are some preparations that’ll ensure your phone is geared up for the road trip.

  • Don’t get into the car until your phone is fully charged. Also, make sure you bring the phone car charger. If your phone dies, it’s worthless.
  • Buy a blue tooth headset. If you plan on engaging in any phone conversation while driving, it’s the safest way to do it.
  • Load up on travel-friendly applications. Test out various map and directional apps before the trip. Make sure you decide which map app you’re most comfortable with before you get on the road. Also, you should install apps pertaining to local weather, restaurant/lodging locations, and anything else that’ll assist with your travels.
  • Plan on having a capable family member or friend use your phone for texts, apps, etc. while you’re driving.

2. Stock Up On Healthy Snacks

A car full of kids and/or grown-ups can turn into an absolute nightmare when hunger is a problem. Pack a cooler with healthy snacks that everyone will enjoy. Remember to pack more than you think you need, too. You’ll avoid grumpiness and unnecessary food pit stops.

3. Make Reservations in Advance

If you’re planning an entertaining road trip with exciting stops along the way, it’s crucial that you plan ahead with hotel, restaurant, and event reservations. Whether you’re scooping cubs tickets for your stop in the Windy City of or making arrangements for Chicago restaurants you’ll be at ease knowing that it’s all squared away.

4. Take Time For Rest

When driving long distances, it’s important to take turns behind the wheel. Once it’s someone else’s turn to drive, pop in some earplugs and get your rest. Groggy driving is extremely dangerous, so make sure you’re taking plenty of breaks for naps.

5. Bring Paper and Plastic Essentials

There are tons of items you should toss in your car before the trip. From map backups to spill clean-ups, make sure you have all of the important papers before you leave home.

  • A box of tissues for sneezes
  • Paper towels to clean up messes
  • An old-school paper road map in case your cell phone fails you
  • An array of magazines to keep everyone amused
  • Multiple baggies in case passengers get carsick

6. Have a Set and Agreeable Game Plan

Before the big day, have a sit-down conversation. Talk about the places you want to see, the driving rotation schedule, the DJ rotation arrangement, the food and beverages you’ll pack, and anything else you think would potentially raise an issue. If you get everything out on the table before you get into the car, the expectations will be set and the tension will be eased.

Now that you’ve read the vital pre-trip prep, make sure your oil is freshly changed and your window wipers are replaced. You’re about to go on an awesome summer road trip.

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