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Don’t Sleep on It – What Goes Into a 5-Star Hotel Experience?

There are very few things that feel more luxurious than hearing the door unlock to a room at a 5-star hotel. I love the anticipation of opening the door and peering into the room to see what self-indulgent amenities will be at my fingertips. Whether it is for work travel or a night away from the kids with my husband, hotels are always a treat.

I have stayed in hotels ranging from one to five stars in dozens of countries around the world. So I consider myself a bit of a hotel experience connoisseur. If you are wondering what you can expect from a 5-star hotel experience than this article is for you. Read on for top things to enjoy while staying at a 5-star hotel.

Superb Service

From the second you walk into a 5-star hotel be ready to be treated like royalty. Your bags will be whisked away to your room while you effortlessly check into your room. In tropical locations, you will often be greeted with a cold drink upon arrival. In a ski town, I once had freshly baked bread warming in a bread maker when I returned to my room. I will never forget that experience, and every time I see that hotel chain anywhere in the world, I make sure to book a room there.

High-Quality Everything

A top quality hotel will not skimp on anything. A team of experts specialising in the perfect hotel experience will have thought of every detail from high thread count sheets to the highest quality cafe supplies. Not only will you get an exceptional nights rest, your coffee will taste better and stay hot longer in the highest quality take away mug. Each moment of your experience will be tailored to your likes and preferences to ensure when you book next there is no way you will dip your toe back into the 4-star experience.

Fantastic Food

From the breakfast buffet to the evening happy hour – expect exceptional food at a 5-star hotel. Leading hotels will spare no expense at recruiting world-class chefs to guests with all varieties of eating preferences are not just happy, but totally blown away with the cuisine. A high-quality hotel will offer room service 24 hours of the day and will have delicious options for those 3am post party cravings delivered with a smile.

Awesome Amenities

The pool, the gym, the business facilities will all be top quality at a 5-star hotel. Infinity pools overlooking urban landscapes or rural jungles will create the ultimate relaxation oasis. Poolside bars will feature cocktails with local fruits and afternoon snacks to cater to all cravings. Treadmills will be the highest quality brand and many hotels offer additional fitness options like rooftop yoga classes. If a business is your reason for travel, all of your needs will be at your fingertips. Scan, fax, email or hold a classy conference in the hotel business centre. There is nearly nothing a 5-star hotel can’t provide for you.

Open the closet and throw on that plush white robe. Your time at a 5-star hotel will feel like a holiday from the second you walk through the hotel lobby. Don’t be dazzled just by the fancy decor of the common areas and your room. Explore the hidden gems a 5-star hotel has to offer and don’t feel bad about reaching for a second or third free drink at the guests poolside happy hour. Take advantage of all the special experiences that the hotel is offering and find yourself lost in the luster of a 5-star experience. But beware, once you go 5-star the romance of a backpacker hostel or roadside motel will fade far, far into your distant memory.

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