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Dhow Cruise Dinner, An Exhilarating Sightseeing Experience In Dubai Marina Tour

fwreDubai has for long been a famous tourist destination. It is an emirate exuding a unique aura of glamor and modernity. The city is home to numerous places of interest ranging from diverse shopping venues to interesting historical sites. With impressive, modern buildings, the place is a great paradise for anxious sightseers. One of the ideal ways of sightseeing in the city is taking a dhow cruise Dubai Marina tour. Cruise down the beautiful Dubai Creek, marveling at the stunning surroundings as you move along.

Savour a delectable dinner while afloat viewing the sparkling reflection of the city lights on the water. This excellent all-round experience also lets you enjoy the strains of lilting Arabian melodies. The enthusiastic traveler can experience the most thrilling and riveting holiday by combining a dhow cruise package with a sightseeing tour and a desert safari. The Dubai desert safari tours are renowned for the amount of adventure they offer and the welcoming spirit of the guests.

While taking this kind of tour, you will get the opportunity of learning how Dubai has evolved over the years to become the world-class metropolis it is today. Belly dancing and performances will increase the excitement of your journey as you sip on your favorite drink. Unsurprisingly, this tour makes for an ideal choice for a romantic dinner. Depending on the cruise provider you choose, your dhow cruise dinner may include a welcome drink, Arabic coffee, international buffet dinner or a BBQ and hours of entertainment.

As you glide along the Dubai Creek under the moonlight, you may pass attractions such as the Heritage Village, Sheikh Saeed’s House, Old Town, and parks. One can choose to relax on the upper decks or enjoy some karaoke downstairs. Thus, do not pass up the chance to enjoy such an unforgettable evening, where a heart-warming sense of Bedouin tradition combines with the height of opulence.

You can as well enjoy pleasant climate throughout the tour and golden sandy beaches mile upon mile which substantially complement the fast-paced city life. The state has quickly developed from a small fishing village to an urban, luxuriant city which allures many wealthy and famed people from all over the globe searching for a taste of the ‘better life’ on their holidays. As it lies on the crossroads of Africa, Asia, and Europe, a range of travelers from all over the world gets pulled to this city of endless possibilities.


Dubai is also known as ‘shopper’s paradise, ‘ and it perfectly lives up to this title. You can enjoy the provision of superb shopping experience that attracts tourists from within the region as well as from different continents. Be it the glittering gold, exclusive merchandise or discounted electronics, it has something for everyone; the incessant variety offered by the city is outstanding. Being an open port with very fewer import duties, Dubai also provides very reasonable rate prices on this unrivaled variety. The Souk area, which is a combination of some Arabian markets, has its traditional ambiance and charm which no other market can replace.

During this tour, you can also enjoy a magical appeal in its architecture, famous all over the world. The several gleaming skyscrapers which stand like towers of the city, giving it a royal look can be found here only. Possessing the Burj Al Arab – the worlds only sail-shaped 7-star hotel, the Burj Dubai – the tallest building all over the world and the Palm Islands – the largest human-made islands in the world, it cannot fail to wow any traveler from any part of the world. The Jumeirah Palm Island, the Dubai Marina, the Emirates Towers are only a few names among the city’s exemplary structures.

Dubai also offers you various water sports, making up for a fantastic beach holiday. The calm and clear waters of the beaches are ideal for water sports that add more comfort to your travel. Dubai holidays can be afforded not only by the creamy layer of the society but also by middle-class people. Apart from having some beach resorts and luxurious hotels, it also has numerous economic 2-star hotels which also offer qualitative services.

Among the favorite tourist spots is the Dhow Dinner Cruises. These cruises provide delicious food as well as entertainment with live performances of belly dancing, the traditional Arabic dance form. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the various brilliant architectural structures and the landmark hotels of Dubai on these cruises which will surely make your trip to Dubai unforgettable!

Other similarly delightful activities visitors to the city can indulge in are city tours, hatta wadi trip, east coast tour, Marina sightseeing tour and more. When selecting a Dubai hotel an option to consider is Copthorne Hotel Dubai. Providing superior comforts and authentic Arabian hospitality, it is one of the finest Deira Dubai hotels, ensuring a remarkable stay in this marvelous city.

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