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Cultural Night Out-Guide to the Angel, London

angel londraIf you are planning for a night out on Friday and Saturday then Angel station is a good choice. This station is surrounded by lots of bars & restaurants. Also, you can see lots of activities around this area like cultural, art, music, dance, live theatre acts etc. The best part is next name to the luxurious stay Montcalm hotel brewery is not much far from here. Please read this article to know more about Angel station in London.

Angel station is situated at Islington and there are many Pubs where you can enjoy in night and have some very nice drinks here.


You can find so many Theatres in Islington. The most popular theatre is Almieda which is one of the best well-known theatres in Angel. This place has been rewarded with so many awards for its innovative work.

Some of the well known theatres are King's Head Theatre, Rosemary Theatre, Old Red Lion theatre and Hope Theatre. The King's Head Theatre claims that it's the first Pub theatre in London and existing since Shakespeare's time. IF you like comedy then you can walk towards Hen and Chickens Theatre where you can find some nice stand-up comedians performing and if you wish to see Puppet show then you can go to Little Angel theatre. There you can watch angels running puppetry workshops and performing as well.


To enjoy some live music Angel is also a very nice place where you can go. You can find lots of nice live music venues from Union Chapel which is a church. Many pubs and bars also offer live music in the evening. The Lexington is one of them which are near to Angel station. IF you like Jazz music then you can also go to Round Midnight Bar as well
Another place with couple of art galleries, Café shops and Family restaurants is Kings Place. This place is just a few minutes away from King's Cross Station. There you can enjoy almost all kind of events throughout the year. At Kings Place you can find Aurora Orchestra. It's also called home to Aurora Orchestra. You can also enjoy lots of classical music concerts at this place.


If you are a huge fan of Art and want to enjoy some fine arts in London then you don't need to worry. We will suggest you a place where you can go and experience some very nice arts and click some nice pictures as well to make your journey most memorable.

Just about 15-20 minutes walking distance from Angel station you can go to Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art. There you can find some very amazing arts from the historical time. If you like to see art from the history then you can see it from the time of 1890s and 1950s. This place is having a collection of art and sculpture from the ancient time of various places and most of the work which is on display is Futurism. If you are looking for some most practical experience of Art then this is the best place you should visit. The Estorick Collection also arranges lots of Art classes for Adults as well as Children.

Central Saint Martin's

It's one of the best design institute in London which is located in King's Cross. This is the part of University of The Arts London. The Central Saint Martin's organise events whole year and you don't need to worry if you are not a student of this university. You can just go there and enjoy the workshops, exhibitions and talk to people and click some nice pictures and enjoy lots of Fairs which are very much open for Public display.


If you like dancing and don't want to miss an opportunity to watch some live Dance performances of the very fine artists from London then we will suggest you some best places where you can find almost all sorts of dance performances whether it's Bollywood, Tollywood, Salsa, Hip-Hop, Tango or many other sorts of dances as well. This place is Sadler's Wells Theatre. If you like contemporary dance and want to watch live contemporary dance performances then you don't need to go anywhere else but Sadler's Wells.

At this place which is the Biggest and best known for Contemporary dance performances you can see world class dance performances. If you like Bollywood then you can enjoy Indian dance performance, if you like Tollywood or any other dance style like Hip-hop or salsa then you can enjoy these performances as well.

Sadler's Wells Theatre is basically located in Rosebery Avenue and its called world's leader in Contemporary dance performances. It's post popular in bringing British and international dance to audience and Consists of three theatres in it. Their main objective is to give an enjoyment to public up to a level where they can understand dance by making dance relevant, meaningful and enriched. The Sadler's Wells is also called home of artists and at the heart of Sadler these artists represent the most exciting dance talent in the field of Contemporary. These artists are having full access to rehearsal studios, technical expertise, office space and lots of other resources of Sadler Wells Theatre.

In a year approximately Half million people come to see this amazing Contemporary dance performance at Sadler Wells and the well managed system and most programmed activities organised by Sadler Wells attract a large audience to watch their shows.

Food and Drink Time

Now you must be tired after watching so many places and you need some nice food and drink to get you energised again. For that you can head towards hotel central London or right here the famous dinner destination is Upper Street which you can reach from Angel station on the way to Highbury and Islington. This place is having lots of bars and restaurants. Some famous places to dine are Café La Divina, Hoxely & Porter which are worth to visit. You can just visit these places and enjoy dinner and it will be the memorable moment for you. If this place is too busy and you want to avoid the rush then you may head towards The Alibion, The Craft Beer Co. and The Present.

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