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Contacting People in Cuba

Cuba has been out of reach to Americans for decades due to the misunderstandings between Castro and America. However, since 2016, a few gates were opened that made it possible for Americans to visit the island and appreciate its beauty. America is a free country, and there it is no surprise that part of its population is from Cuba. Yes, some Americans are of Cuban descent, which means it is possible that they still have families in the country and would like to connect and stay in touch. Cubans, like most other people in America, came to American for the opportunities the country offers.

We are social creatures and it is in our nature to want to connect with others. The Cubans who are in American are great people. Don’t you just love the way they speak English-Spanish, especially when they have just arrived from Cuba and haven’t yet been tainted by the American dream and language?

Now that traveling to Cuba is much easier and there are even more liberal laws that encourage it, people have begun making friends in the country and paying regular visits there. It is only natural that they will want a way of staying in touch with their newly made friends. There are various services online that provide various means for keeping in contact with friends and families in Cuba. There are services that enable you to make calls to Cuba for free. Others offer to enable you to ring your loved ones in Cuba for as little as $5 for around 7 minutes of talk time. International calls are so expensive. That is why having such services makes it easier for you to connect with your family and friends in Cuba.

As far as the Caribbean island is concerned, Cuba is the largest. The land is rich with history and culture. And of course, you can’t talk about cigars without mentioning Cuba somewhere. It is one of the few places on earth where you can go back in time. The country still has standing structures from the 1950s because she took time to make changes to her environment due to the tyrannical government it dealt with during that period. Of course, American does have some very old buildings, but a change in culture doesn’t hurt anyone.

You can pay a visit to Cuba either as a tourist, journalist, or just a curious student with the intent of studying new culture. It is surprising how long the embargo on the country lasted. It is good that the Obama administration took care of this because tensions between countries should not only not last for that long but they should not exist. Now people can at least have more culture by venturing into the island and discovering what had been hidden from them for the past five to six decades.

The ability to speak Spanish makes it even easier for one to appreciate the region. It makes it possible for one to interact with the natives and understand their way of life much easier.

If you have friends in Cuba, it is a good time to reach out to them. As indicated earlier, there are various online services that offer ways of calling people in Cuba at either no price at all or at a more affordable price. It is also a good time for people to make Cuban friends. The gap between the U.S and Cuba has never been thinner. In a way, the country is the new sensation. You must visit the country as a tourist because you don’t know what you are missing.

It is good to understand the world around you. Cuba is in a way part of North America because it is located way up here; with us. It is one of the destinations most people should visit in the course of the year. You can make use of the free calls to book a hotel and make reservations. There are 5-star hotels there if you prefer luxury. You are guaranteed a wonderful time while you stay in the country. Perhaps, you will get to learn or steal their recipe for the wonderful cigars that most Americans enjoy. In fact, I think most Americans are more familiar with the cigar that they don’t even consider that it is named after the nation it is made in.

It is a good time to contact the people in Cuba (friends and families) and increase your knowledge and understanding of the people and their culture.

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