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Conquering New York City – Travel Guide

You haven’t toured the world if you have never been to New York City. You haven’t toured America if you missed New York City. And if you are an American citizen who has never been to New York City, you don’t know your country as well as you think. However, if you have only toured or been to New York City, then you know America.

It’s up for debate, but the other states are not necessarily as cool and significant as New York. They have their part, but New York seems to play a bigger role in who and what America is. There is a reason New York is one of the most visited cities in the world.

Ask any foreigner to name anything in America, and many of them will not fail to, at least, mention the Statue of Liberty. It may be the only thing they’ll mention. Ask any foreigner to mention a city in America and if they can only mention one, I doubt it will be anything else but New York. The Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Central Park in Manhattan, Broadway Theatre, and Times Square are all well-known destinations in the U.S, and they are found in New York City. And there is more.

New York City hosts around 63 million tourists both foreign and domestic in a year. The amazing thing is that more than 40% of these tourists are local. That goes to show you just how much Americans love their country as well as how this particular American city fascinates the rest of the world.

Fame, beauty, and history are the main reasons people desire to explore places they have never been to. Central Park, for instance, is one of the most beautiful parks in the world and both Americans and foreign tourists love to frequent it for this quality, and its history. Empire State building tickets are necessary for visiting the building because it was the tallest building in the world for around 40 years and it is the other New York’s signature landmark beside the Statue of Liberty. In this instance, the aesthetic quality, historical significance, and reputation of these two landmarks are the traits that attract most tourists.

The congestion in New York City is due to the role it plays as a tourist attraction as well as a major American city. The most effective way of visiting adjacent landmarks, as a tourist exploring the city, is by foot. For destinations that are far apart, NYC bus tours are a favorable approach for moving from location to location. They are economical since they are public transport, and you get to interact with other tourists on the way. Double-decker buses are a favorite for most tourists mostly due to the experience and they may contain tour guides who share information about various significant landmarks as the buses curve through the city. Cabs or taxis are an alternative option for those who value their personal space and can afford them. Moreover, you may find yourself in a boat for other destinations like Liberty Island.

Culture is also a key aspect of New York City. If you are a fan of music, particularly jazz, rap, or hip-hop, the chances are that you already know that New York has played a significant role in the development and maturity of these genres. While at the city, consider taking music tours to explore the rich history of music in this great American city.

New York City was also a favorite place for most immigrants in the country. That is part of the reason behind its rich culture in music, art, and even food. Different cultures introduced various cuisines, which contributed to the things you must explore as a tourist in the city.

Sports are also one of the things that bring people together and the New York City Marathon does just that. It attracts people from all over the world to participate and test their might. As a tourist, you can also visit the Yankee Stadium and Citi Field if you are into baseball and soccer, or just for the sake of experience.

There is still much more to explore and discover in the city and the only way to know is by being there.

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