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Clever Uses For Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are not just for cargo. They are fast being turned into the coolest new homes, grooviest cafes and functional offices. Don’t believe me? More and more people are using these solid and affordable structures as a green alternative. Once containers are no longer required or are past their used dates, they sit empty and unused on shipping docks around the world. In some instances they are abandoned because returning them to their place of origin is far too expensive. As a result we are seeing clever designers take up this surplus and create something new. Whether it is a home, office or a kitchen all you need is some insight and imagination.

Why re-using a shipping container

Shipping containers are extremely strong, very durable, and as already discussed readily available. They are also relatively cost-effective. Being modular in nature, they can be stacked in many ways and an exciting new structure can be created in a relatively short time.

Are there any downsides to using old shipping containers?

The main concern with using an old shipping container is in relation to the coating that is used to ensure they remain durable for their life on the ocean. Some coatings can be harmful and are designed to keep products fresh and pests out. That is why you should always contact a professional company who can ensure that the container you use is not only fit for purpose but completely safe.

Hire or buy new containers

You don’t have to opt for a second-hand container. If you just love the concept but don’t want any added hassles associated Shipping container home imagewith stripping back the old, you can hire or purchase brand new containers. Companies likeCBOX Office Containersprovide a wide range of options for new containers so it shouldn’t be a hassle for you to find one.

Creating designer homes

Shipping containers are arguably the most ideal building material. They are strong enough to deal with the harshest of elements and are an empty canvas just waiting for some inspiration. Perfect for a holiday home or temporary accommodation, they can be easily fitted with electricity and plumbing, temperature controlled and set up with all the creature comforts that you’d expect in a ‘normal’ home. Don’t limit yourself to just one. Stack them, twist and turn them. Just look at what you can create. (Source:

A popular café or restaurant inside a shipping container

Easily loaded onto the back of a truck, a shipping container makes for the perfect portable kitchen or food store at an event. You may not even realize how popular they are. Containers are popping up all over the world including New York’s Times Square and even under the Eiffel Tower. Completely self-contained kitchens are being created and provide an interesting Shipping container restauranttwist on the traditional café. So cleverly designed, you would hardly recognise them. (Source:

So, how can you get one?

Building a shipping container home requires the same processes as you would need to follow if you were building a traditional house. You’ll need to contact your local council to organise a building permit and of course commission an architect to create something totally unique.

Make sure you source a container that is totally safe, from a reputable supplier and remember that not only do they differ in size but you can seek a second-hand or brand new container. The choice is yours.

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