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Choosing the Righ Hotel for Your Family Holiday

family-hotel-roomA family holiday is markedly different from your previous holiday experience. With the arrival of a child, priorities change, especially when you are away from the familiar surroundings of home. A healthy meal and a comfortable bed for your little one becomes much more important than the hot tub and the breakfast in bed for you.

Numerous hotels advertise to be family-friendly. However, it is best to check every relevant detail before you book a room. How do you make a choice? Let's take a look at the things you need at the hotel to make it a pleasant stay for you and your family.

Use online resources. The first stop in your hotel search is the Internet. Look up the family-friendly accommodation options in the destination of your choice. You are sure to get a long list of names. Map the location and find out the accessibility of the place.

You won't feel happy if you find out that you need to rent a car to reach the place after a long flight. The situation would be even more troublesome when you have a fussy toddler with you. Confirm the details before you make any decision.

Ask around for feedback from parents. Another easy way to find suitable stays is to get recommendations from others. If someone you know has been to the place for a family holiday, ask them about their place of stay. Also, ask them about their experience.

Was it comfortable? Were the staff members friendly? Were the services suitable for kids? If you hear only nice tales about a hotel, it may be a good choice. However, be cautious if you hear anything negative from another parent.

Book a suite. You may request a crib or an additional bed for your child in your room. However, it is best to opt for a suite with at least two separate spaces. This gives you the option to spend some quality time with your spouse while your little one is asleep.

A suite with a small kitchenette is an even better choice. With this, you need not ring for room service at 5 am and order breakfast for your toddler. You can prepare a quick snack or warm a bottle whenever your little one feels like it.

Find out about the dining options. A hotel may have an in-house restaurant for guests. However, that doesn't mean it would be able to cater to children too. Make sure you ask whether a kid's menu is available.

It is also important that you check whether the restaurant can accommodate special requests such as a roast chicken without the hot sauce or a selection of fresh fruits. If your child has food allergies, mention this when you order at the restaurant.

Enquire about services that offer some relief. Who requires laundry service on a holiday? Even if you didn't need it ever, you had better check its availability when you have a toddler keen on getting dirty. Cribs, blackout curtains, high chairs are also essential.

Another service you may benefit from is a babysitter. When you explore the destination or participate in an activity on your own, it is necessary to get a babysitter. Make sure the hotel assigns a certified, trained, experienced and reliable person for the task.

You may also find it helpful if the place has a kid's club or games and activity area. Ask for details - Who can join? What activities are included? Who supervises the kids? How is it priced? An attractive, comfortable and safe play area can be a great bonus for the parents.

A holiday with your little one can be a lot of fun, only if you plan it well. Even if the hotel offers babysitting services and kid's clubs, don't leave your child with them at all times. Plan your holiday in a way that offers attractions and activities that you can enjoy as a family as well as a couple to make the most of your time together.

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