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Charlie & the Chocolate Factory: A Musical that You Cannot Afford to Miss

Charlie & the Chocolate FactoryIf you have been looking out for admiring the small pleasures of life then you are bound to feel enchanted by coming across the exclusive exquisiteness that is London all about. There is surely everything which you would love to capture during your visit to the British capital. Along with delighting every vacationer with a plethora of travel hotspots, London is also about enriching the spirit of your vacation in a blissful manner. Whether you are thinking of going out on a tour or just a sightseeing trip, London is the answer to all your ever growing doubts and demands. It feels absolutely pleasurable to sneak out and check out the blissful magnificence which the city of London takes pride in offering each one of its vacationers with. Those who are planning to go out on sightseeing or shopping spree or simply to have some fun can get to fulfill their yearning desires by means of planning everything way ahead of time. It is the beauty of early planning that tends to help you in making the best of every vacation moment in a wondrous manner. The city of London has got a lot of it and much more that are aimed at sprucing up the spirit of your vacation in such a manner so that everything goes down absolutely well and happening throughout the time.

It absolutely depends on what exactly you have in mid to discover that will further assist you in creating a well planned travel itinerary. A trip to London must be properly planned and you should not leave any stones unturned in order to ensure that you have made the most of the trip.

Those who consider to be a culture vulture and would like to take in the theatrical shows then a visit to the West End is quite necessary. This is where the theatrical district rests and witnesses a large number of visitors on a regular basis. The West End is most certainly known as the theater capital of the world and has surely got all of what it would take to make your vacations as much enriching as desired. You would not have to look far away if you are a comedy fan. There are plenty of musicals that are staged. From long running shows, brand new versions of old classics to new productions are followed here and the West End theaters have got everything that is required to cater to every taste and preference. This area has been a hub of drama, music and everything exclusive that you may need to check out during your vacation. Ever since the 16th century, the West End theaters have been the podium where drama, musicals and comedies are staged. This site is also eminent for hosting the prime venues such as The Theatre Royal Drury Lane, the London Palladium and the Palace Theatre.

If you have decided to go out on a theatre break and finding it hard to decide which show to see then it will depend on what you are actually after. Visit the Theatre Royal Drury Lane where you can look forward to embarking on a visually sumptuous journey that goes directly through the pages of Ronal Dahl's classic tale, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The musical has been setting the stage on fire and will continue doing so until January, 2017.

The Piccadilly London West End is the rightful place to be seen at especially when you have desires to check out the exclusive dramas, comedies and musicals. It is definitely all about how beautifully you can manage to make the most of your time while holidaying in London city. The English capital is mesmerizing and you are surely going to feel a lot more enriched throughout the time.

The story somewhat goes like this

Once upon a time there was a child named Charlie who belonged to a poor family. His parents were looking after both the sets of grandparents and took care of them. Every year, his parents saved up enough money to gift Charlie with his favorite Willy Wonka chocolate. A competition was declared which stated that whoever gets the golden ticket in the pack of a chocolate will be able to win a tour of the chocolate factory.

As the week proceeds, the winners get declared. Charlie did not find the golden ticket inside the chocolate wrapper which he got on his birthday. He shared the chocolate with each one of the members in his house. One fine day he comes across some money on the ground. He bought a chocolate bar from a nearby shop. Luckily he gets the ticket and he went to the Chocolate Factory with one of his grandfathers. The story is all about Charlie's adventures in the world of sugary delights and inspirations. Viewers, at the end of the show feel the urge to visit such mesmerizing Chocolate Factory in reality.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is one of the finest family musicals that you can look forward to see during your visit to London. With clever stagecraft and incredibly magical sets, the director Sam Mendes has been successful in bringing the musical to life. This is one spectacular production which enters its fourth year in London's West End. Unfortunately this is the final year of the musical and 2016 marks the 100 years of birth anniversary of Ronald Dahl. This is a fun musical which you can look forward to see.

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