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Buzzing Party Destinations in San Diego

Float Hotel Hard RockOver the years, the party platter of San Diego has become markedly glitzy and glamorous, with some heart-winning bars and party spaces coming up. Rooftop bars offering sweeping sights of the city, karaoke styled bars and lounges gripping audiences in musical experiences, and unadulterated boozing - you get anything and everything in San Diego.

Float @ Hotel Hard Rock

Float Hotel Hard Rock

Float is the most coveted and glitziest of names on any list of hot and happening party destinations in San Diego. Blend the best of celebrity spotting, boozing, and blaring music, and head over to Float, the rooftop bar of Hard Rock Hotel. Weekend parties that see the dawn of the coming day are a routine here, and that’s what makes the rooftop bar the hottest party destination in entire San Diego. Grand views of the city, life sized couches and lounge chairs, and drinks that sound as fabulous as they taste-that’s what you have in store at Float. A word of advice-Maryjane’s, a restaurant in the hotel, starts happy hours at 4:20 pm, so that’s one venue for your pre-party.

Club M

Club M

For casual evenings and electric nights, no place is better than the good old Club M. Music features extensively on the entertainment menu of the club, and you can find a live band getting things moving right from 7 pm, something that makes the club a favorite among baby boomers and Gen Xers in the city. After you have enjoyed some delicious appetizers and snacks from the exciting menu of the club, it’s time to see the guest DJ bring the dance floor alive with some international hits. The service here is courteous and quick, and the decor is something that would make you feel like being in Vegas-that’s the magic of Club M.

Level 9 Rooftop Bar

Level 9 Rooftop Bar

Level 9 Rooftop Bar has increasingly revved up the intensity of its popularity waves, and that’s courtesy the amazing mix of chic styling and earthly menu rates that it has to offer. Grab your favorite cocktails and mocktails from the bar without worrying about leaving the place with a empty wallet and a smoking credit card. Moreover, you have the awe inspiring perspective of the San Diego skyline from the rooftop bar. Gaslamp Quarter is a vital part of San Diego’s party personality, and Level 9 Rooftop Bar is well and truly an essential part of the Gaslamp Quarter experience for party animals in San Diego.

The Shout House San Diego

The Shout House San Diego

The Shout House San Diego offers some unforgettably enjoyable musical evenings to you and your friends, so head over to the party destination and see for yourself as to why it’s regarded as a San Diego classic. The interactive music experience in store at The Shout House San Diego is intriguing and engaging at the same time, with audiences writing the songs they want to hear on slips and dropping the same in a bucket close to the stage. Organizing private parties at The Shout House San Diego can be an experience of a lifetime, as you bring in the wonders of music, singing, dancing and drinking to a selected few people from your families and friends. The special treatment offered to the guests of honour makes The Shout House one of the best San Diego event space options for discerning party throwers.


207_Nightclub_San_DiegoAnother one from the Hard Rock Hotel; from the ground floor instead of the rooftop. Sending out vibes that spell something like ‘sexy’, 207 is the premiere social gathering and party destination for the top shots of the city, including celebrities who happen to be here. The oversized bar with crystal chandeliers and crystal balls is a treat to the eye, and the awesome collection of the world’s finest liquors in the bar is a treat to the soul. 207 is famous for being a relevant spot for any time of the day; that’s because a late night DJ dazzle here is as enjoyable as a noon session of soccer watching with friends over some chilled beer. Weekends are the real thrillers at 207, with some of the world’s most celebrated EDM artists coming over to the venue to make the guests lose themselves in the world of music.

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