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2015 is here and this is the time of the year when tourists prefer to visit new places. The climate is nice and travel sites are offering great deals to attract tourists from all over the world. However, not everyone have thousands of dollars to spend on travel and they often repent that lack of money prevent them from visiting a place they always wanted.

Money is not actually a problem as long as you know the ways to keep your expenses in control.

If your budget is low and yet you want to explore the world; then here are some money saving travel tips for you.


Try the budget airlines: One of the biggest expenditure of visiting a foreign country is the airfare. Reputed airlines charge hefty amount for tickets and it may not come within your budget. The solution is to search for seats in low cost airlines. You may not get in-flight meal and very soft seats, but you will surely reach the destination safely.

Go to cheap countries: Let' first understand the meaning of cheap country. You have to find a country where the local currency is weaker than your currency. For example, if you are coming from USA, then India is a good option for you because USD is stronger than INR. On the contrary, if you visit Germany, it will cost you more because Euro is stronger than USD.


Search for deals in hotels: You should check hotel booking websites to find the best deal in hotels. Sometimes, hotel booking sites offer flash sale for 3-4 days and offer as much as 50% discount on the total booking amount. However, you may not get booking for the desired dates. If you are flexible about dates, then take advantage of such deals.

Avoid guided tours: There are many books and fee PDFs that can offer you lots of information about a place. Generally, hotels and resorts arrange AC bus or cars to offer guided tours to the guests, but such tours are not cheap. Since your budget is low, you can simply take a bus to visit the local tourist attractions and read the guidebooks to explore the historical monuments properly.

Bargain before buying: Shopkeepers generally increase the price of items the moment they see a tourist asking for something. This is a habit of small shop owners all over the world. Hence, when you buy souvenirs for people back home, always bargain with the shopkeeper. You will be surprised to see how the price drops within a few minutes.


Eat intelligently: The price of fruits is not very costly in any tourist spot and fruits are good for your health. So, you should consume fruit in breakfast to reduce expenses. When it comes to lunch and dinner, the best thing to do is search restaurant coupon websites to cut down the restaurant bills. There are lots of sites that offer restaurant deals at 50% or more discounts. All you need to do is pay using your credit card, get the coupon printout and produce it at the restaurant mentioned in the site.

Call home using internet: Depending upon the country you are coming from, the ISD call charges can be astonishing. Therefore, the best way to communicate with your friends and family at home is Skype. It costs less than 2 cents per minute for a Skype call and all you need is a PC with headphone.

So, as you can see, travelling the world is easy when you follow these tips. You get to see lots of new places without burning a hole in your pocket.

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