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Bringing Back the Adventure in Your Life After World Travel Opens

After many days of restricted travel, Americans can now travel interstates and internationally. Most countries around the world have opened their doors to Americans, although vaccination and social distancing rules still apply widely in every country globally. As of August 30, 2021, the EU advised its member states to reinstate travel restrictions against US citizens.

Other nations around the world are welcoming Americans. African nations have consistently kept their doors wide open for Americans to enjoy memorable safaris. Mt. Kilimanjaro offers an adventure of its kind and climbing is the best experience a visit can get. Here are some exciting destinations to tour.

An exciting journey to Mt. Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

Tanzania is considered the world’s cradle for mankind after some of the oldest human remains were found in Olduvai Gorge. The nation is famous for its breathtaking safaris to some of the world’s best tourist sites.

To experience Tanzania’s safaris to the maximum, book with Kilimanjaro climb guide company and you will be ready for unforgettable safari experiences. The company specializes in climbing Kilimanjaro and runs its own trekking operations, assisted by expert guides.

You can visit many other attractions in Tanzania like a safari to Zanzibar, the red-hued Lake Natron, and several animal-filled national parks and game reserves like the famous Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservancy.

View the Big 5 in Masai Mara – Kenya

Masai Mara is incredible because of its natural bio-diversity. Globally, it’s a popular place for a spectacular safari experience. The big five roam freely in this national park which is mainly covered with huge grasslands.

The vast park extends to the Serengeti in Tanzania and is home to the spectacular wildebeest immigration, which takes place between July to August. With over 100 different animals and more than 500 bird species, the park has one of the largest concentrations of animals globally.

Enjoy the natural beauty of New Zealand

New Zealand has an incredible natural beauty ranging from its land formation to its vegetation and animal life. Its cities are historical and its vibrant culture attracts visitors all year round. Visitors to New Zealand start their journey from Wellington, its capital city. From there, they can head to the beach, to the rugged mountains filled with beautiful vegetation, or to its other attractions like Lake Tekapo, Hokitika Gorge, and Milford Sound natural features.

Experience the cultural diversity of Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey, is a great destination for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in a huge mix of cultures. The city is home to more than 35 non-Turkish ethnic groups who celebrate their diversity in unique ways through their cultural music, dances, food, and practices. There are other beautiful cities you can visit in Turkey like the historical cities of Ephesus, Cappadocia, Trabzon, and Konya.

Visit the Asian Manhattan – Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is termed as the world city of Asia and many visitors call it the Asian Manhattan. You will enjoy viewing the most compact giant skyscrapers in the world and the most business-oriented city globally. The Victoria Harbor offers visitors a breathtaking view of both sides of the city as they move around on a ferry or private boat.

There is a bucket full of things to do in Hong Kong, like visiting its spectacular nature and parks, a trip to its landmarks and historical monuments, and cruises and water sailing tours. There are also tours to its cultural heritage sites, the flea market, nightlife, and cultural food/wine tours.

Beyond the city, there are places to visit like the Hong Kong Disneyland, the Ocean Park, Victoria Peak, the Ngong Ping 360, and the Tian Tan Buddha. You can never end your Hong Kong Tour visit in one day.

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