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Best Ways to See UK’s Countryside

The countryside of the UK is an absolute delight to explore. It is one of the best holiday destinations of the world and has lot more to offer than what meets the eye. If you are thinking to travel with your family, or go on a trip with your friends or just solo, UK’s countryside is the best place to be.

However, with numerous exquisite destinations dotting the countryside, there are a number of ways to explore these incredible places. To make the most out of your holiday, you need to be aware of the right ways to see the countryside of the UK.

Quick recommendation: Ditch the car, there are far better and rewarding modes of travelling than that. And you would not regret it at all.

In this article, we will discuss about a few modes of travelling that you can avail to experience the countryside. Let’s dive into it.


Nothing can be better than a walk down the road, along the lush green landscapes. You get to imbibe in the peace and quiet, travel at your own pace, take the road you wish to travel and stop wherever you want. The national parks and trails are great to get your walking started. A walk through the counties, or the Wistman’s wood or through the Ridgeway (in Wiltshire) can be quite fulfilling. There’s so much to see, absorb and experience. And a long walk can help you out with that immensely.


Cycling along the British coastline can be an absolute delight. The Sustran’s national cycling network tracks can be a joyride. Apart from that, the strip between Scarborough and Whitby is also one of the picturesque cycling stretches of the countryside of the UK. This 18 mile stretch used to be the epitome of Victorian railway engineering. But the trains have gone now and the cycles have taken their place. The wonderful trees are along the stretch sometime part, letting in an incredible view of the sea down below.

Horse riding

If you are looking for something more thrilling than cycling or walking, then horse riding is the way to go. Hop on a horse and ride through the Exmoor National Park. You would feel not just a part of nature but at one with it. As you pass through on a horse, you would be able to see deer, foxes and ponies whiz past you like you are a part of the route. A safari ride would be a memorable experience too.


If you are an adventurer, the climbing would be a great way to explore the countryside of the UK. The Peak District is the best way to start off with. The stone edges of the Peak District have been found to be one of the best climbing structures of the UK’s countryside. The heights are not that steep and there are a number of routes that you can try. These routes range from pretty easy to considerably hard. Climbing here would be a real treat since it offers various kinds of crags and nooks to explore and climb through. Rest assured you will experience a real adventure here.


Think of camping out under the sky and exploring the world with every sense that you possess. Add to that the picturesque countryside of the UK. And you have a winner. If you have a penchant for camping, then there are a number of campsites that you must explore on your trip to the UK countryside. There is nothing quite like the beauty and the bliss of a camping trip, walking out into the midst of nature all by yourself and absorbing it all in. Try the national parks, they are bound to be quite fulfilling.


A dip or a plunge into the calm water and all your worried vanish. If you can relate to the previous sentence than the UK countryside has a lot to offer to you. Be it swimming upstream or downstream, the UK countryside’s rivers are swimmers’ paradise.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and go exploring, there’s a whole new world to see out there.

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