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Best Places to Stay In Makkah for Hajj

Hajj is one of the most important duties of a Muslim. However, not all Muslims complete it because not every Muslim has the opportunity and resources to fulfill this divine duty. If you have been blessed with the resources to take this divine journey and have determined that it is your time to fulfill it, then it is best to be prepared, as others will join you in this journey in millions.

Over 2 million Muslims take this journey in a year. It is not an easy one as human nature often gets in the way. There is fatigue, hunger, heat stroke, and getting lost among other psychological challenges to deal with in the course of the pilgrimage. Those who are best prepared are the ones who will at least have an easy time. Having a place to stay in Makkah, the holiest place on earth, is a key thing in making this journey a success.


Hajj in 2019 will take place between 9th and 14 August. The early bird catches the warm; you want to be prepared for the event in advance. That means being in Makkah in advance and securing a safe place for you and your companions. Most hotels in Makkah, especially the most expensive ones often get overbooked and very busy during the Hajj period. That means you should ensure you are early enough to secure yourself a spot before things get out of hand. I think you should even start to plan right away.


There are key places in Makkah you must ascertain proximity to or else things will be tough for you. In selecting a hotel, you should pick one that is close to shopping centers and restaurants. You should also consider ones that are close to key areas like Mecca, Haram or any other place that is important for facilitating the pilgrimage.

The Best Hotels

The best hotels in Makkah don’t come cheap but they are worth every cent. If you want comfort and style, be prepared with at least $200 and above, and that is if you are early. If you show up late, even with all the money in the world, you may not get a place to stay, as Hajj reinforces equality and is embraced by millions.

You may want to check online reviews of the hotels you would like to stay in as this will save you time in terms of determining how reliable a hotel is. As long as you target hotels from the price I indicated earlier, chances are that you will get a good place to stay while you complete the pilgrimage. Here are some of the best hotels you may want to pay attention to before you settle for a specific hotel:

  • Shaza Makkah
    • Provides Airport Arrival service
    • Wi-Fi
    • Excellent Staff and customer service
    • Private Parking
    • Currency Exchange
    • Airline Assistance
    • 24-hour In-room Dining
  • InterContinental Dar Al Tawhid
    • Good and courteous staff
    • Super clean
    • Close to the Haram
  • Makkah Millennium Towers
    • Close to Masjid IL Haram
    • Convenient location
    • Easy access to shopping complex
    • Adjacent to several restaurants and shops
  • Dar Al Ghufran
    • Scrumptious dining
    • Close to Masjid IL Haram
    • Good Staff
    • Quick check-in and check-out

I can’t name them all because there are several. There is also Hilton Makkah Towers among others that you can explore. Start with the ones mentioned and then work your way to other hotels that are more to your liking. The ones mentioned above are the best par my experience and research.

Even though it is not compulsory since not everyone gets to embark on this glorious journey, in a way, a Muslim feels incomplete if this duty is never completed. It is for this very reason that a Muslim feels a great sense of accomplishment once this duty is fulfilled. It takes time, preparation, dedication, and a sense of duty to complete this journey. Many come from all corners of the world to fulfill their divine duty. A good place to rest at the end of the day is essential in facilitating the accomplishment of this pilgrimage.

If you have any questions, please ask below!