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Best Places in Europe for a Family Campervan Holiday

Europe is a big place, so trying to find the experience you want can be an exhausting task. Campervan holidays aren’t hard to find, but the best spots are tucked away in places you might never have considered. With some help from the travel experts at Compare and Choose, we’ve put together this list of the best places in Europe for a family campervan holiday.

Zur Mühle, Germany

Hidden in the famous black forest, the Zur Mühle campground is a very pure camping experience – you’ll spend your trip in the bumpy hillside among trees, streams and dirt-path walks to explore at your leisure. You’ll even be able to get freshly-made bread from the campground every day!

You won’t be isolated, though – there’s a railway station only a few kilometres away, you can reach the Alps in under two hours of careful driving and there are fully-equipped sanitary buildings for all your toilet/shower/washing machine/dryer needs.

Beers, Netherlands

Beers is home to the Landgoed de Barendonk estate, which lets you take in a historic village from the comfort of a modern caravan. If you feel like your vehicle’s too cramped, you could hire one of the bad weather rooms to eat and relax in a more spacious shelter, then head out into the village to see the local landmarks, statues and halls.

Hiking and cycling are both viable options for nature-lovers, so there’s plenty to do if you’re looking for something more intense than a village visit. With free wireless internet, a shared kitchen, toilets, showers and fresh drinking water, you won’t need to rely on your own supplies to get you through your stay.

Enscherange, Luxembourg

The small country of Luxembourg is often flooded with tourists, but the Camping Val d’Or campground can give you some well-deserved peace without boring your little ones. With three playgrounds, a sports field and hireable mountain bikes, there’s plenty to keep you active and outdoors! For those who prefer a less outgoing experience, the free Wi-Fi and campground bar will give you somewhere quiet to finally finish that book you brought or try some foreign beer.

Camp Vala, Croatia

Comfortably slipped between a stretch of vineyards and the ocean reefs, Camp Vala combines camping with convenience. A huge variety of activities, from sailing to bike hire, will keep you on your toes, and once you’ve worked up an appetite, the camp’s private beach bar will offer pizza, risotto and plenty of other delicious meals to keep you well-fed during your stay.

Nobody will feel left out during this trip – pets are allowed, children’s toilets are freely available and full-sized apartments are available for rent if you feel too cramped in your caravan. The camp also offers fast boat trips to nearby towns and tourist spots if you’re hoping for a quick change of pace.

Campsite Port Massalua, Spain

Considered one of the best campsites in Europe by at least one UK newspaper, Campsite Port Massalua is right next to the Ebro river, making it a paradise for fishers who love to test their skills against all kinds of fish. Although you’ll mostly be limited to catch-and-release, you’ll see everything from carp to catfish during your stay.

The nearby Port Massalua restaurant offers an equally varied set of meals, from grilled beef and salads to fried baby squid and unique-to-the-region wines. Snorkelling, birdwatching, kayaking and a wealth of other activities mean that there’s something for everybody to enjoy!

Trieste, Italy

Trieste’s home to Camping Carso, a family-owned campground that offers a very eco-friendly experience. You’re able to buy freshly-picked vegetables directly from the grounds, or even pick your own at certain times in the year. Regional specialities like unique wines and carefully-selected honey can be an excellent way to cap off a casual day of camping, but the 10,000 square meters of land gives you plenty of space to stretch your legs.

If you keep going, you’ll find dozens upon dozens of paths and roads to take you all across the region, whether you’re walking, biking or taking your campervan for a tour of the area. If travelling isn’t your style, the grounds have a playground, swimming pool and event room to keep you entertained during your lazier days.

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