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Belgrade – Rise and Shine in One of the Most Beautiful Cities

serbia on mapSerbia is a small country located on the southeast of Europe. When you mention Serbia to people you usually get a nervous and negative reaction. However, Serbia in the past, shown by the media, and the real and present Serbia are two completely different countries. Namely, it has become quite a tourist attraction recently. There are many places that you can visit which are full of natural beauty. For example, the Kopaonik Mountain is known to be one of the best ski centers in this part of Europe, and many rare plants are known to grow up there. Apart from national parks, there are festivals all around during the summertime. For example, the Exit festival has become very popular recently. In the past few years many famous musicians and bands had gigs there, among whom are Jamiroquai, Arctic Monkeys, Portishead and many others. But there is always one place in every country that is more charming and more fun than all the other places there. In this case we are talking about Belgrade – the capital of Serbia.

If you live in Europe by any chance, you know very well that Belgrade is one of the best places for partying all day long. There are so many nightclubs, discotheques and gigs that you can start the night at one and end it at the other side of the city. But you need to take into account that Belgrade is a pretty huge city. It is maybe the biggest in this part of Europe. Foreigners can find loads of interesting things to do which are most certainly fun. Apart from its vibrant nightlife, Belgrade offers a wide array of arts and cultural attractions. From art exhibitions, music performances, and theatres, to photography and architecture, Belgrade has it all. So, If you want to experience the modern perspective of this city, you can book a custom Belgrade tour and let an experienced local guide take you on a journey through urban Belgrade. However, the best fun in this city is in its traditional Serbian venues known as kafanas. A Kafana is some sort of restaurant, but slightly more informal. People usually go there to listen to traditional Serbian folk music (not necessarily), to eat and to drink – but mostly the last one. There are plenty of kafanas in Belgrade and some of them are known all around the world for their cuisine, which is mostly based on serbian traditional cuisine. Apart from that, wine and other sorts of homemade alcoholic beverages are served there at their best quality, and some of the professionals in this business are frequent customers in these serbian kafanas. If you were to translate the word kafana into English, the most proper translation would be tavern. But then again, taverns also contain rooms for lodging, while kafanas do not offer this kind of service. But that does not mean that there are no places to spend the night in Belgrade. On the contrary, there are plenty of them with a wide variety of services, and here, I should say a word or two about those places.

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As you know, finding proper accommodation is one of the crucial things that you should consider when planning a trip. The capital of Serbia provides the best lodging for all kind of tourists, and people who work in hotels are very polite. There is a variety of rooms to choose from. Whether you pay your visit to Belgrade only for one night, or you plan on staying there for a fortnight, you will certainly be satisfied with how good the accommodation can be in a country so small like this one. Among the ordinary hotel rooms, Belgrade offers big apartments at very affordable prices. Those apartments are decorated in the latest fashion with a pretty modernistic look. The design of the furniture and other stuff in apartments is very stylish and very high-quality. It is up to you to choose which kind of accommodation you desire, and I rest assured that this city can provide you with it. Once you got that settled, you can move on to explore all the clubs and kafanas that I have been writing about so far.

Therefore, I wholeheartedly advise you to go,visit Serbia and stay in Belgrade for a few days. It is a land with a soul, and it welcomes every visitor with its arms wide open. Serbian people are known to be the best hosts in the world, leaving no guest hungry, thirsty or bored. But, once you know the soul of Serbia, you should get to know its heart – Belgrade, because it will make your days shine as white as the summer sun. After all, the name „Beograd” itself means „White city”!

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