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Beauty of Ladakh – Why You Should Visit

Ladakh the enchanting destination of India is known for the natural beauty and at the same time is very popular adventure filled activities. Actually known as the land of high passes Ladakh is a beautiful destination and is a dazzling part of the paradise on the earth Jammu and Kashmir. This region of India is most visited by travelers throughout the year and even welcomes people to spend a relaxed holiday in a unique environment. One interested to have a budget holiday can even spend a vacation in a perfect way as this place is suitable for all types of traveler.

Nature wonders

Pangong Lake

Beautifully studded in the Great Himalayas the region Ladakh is much popular for the natural beauty and the breathtaking picturesque locations. The wildlife along with the other attractive mountain passes; valleys are much more alluring and amaze every traveler. One interested to explore the natural wonders can spend a wonderful holiday and can click a few fabulous locations and store the memories. Nubra Valley, Zanskar Valley and a few more are worthy sites to explore and at the same time, one can eve gain access to a few places through trekking and a few more adventurous activities.

Adventure filled activities

Adventure filled activities of ladakh

Ladakh is a gateway to the fascinating and thrilling activities like trekking, river rafting, mountaineering, and bike riding people can enjoy the activities. Enjoy a unique holiday with cycle tours and bike rides and people prefer the road trip from Leh to Ladakh on Manali highway. Along with this one can even enjoy camping on the riverside seeing the scenic beauty of the location. Even try to visit the region in winter as one can pick the Chadar ice trekking as one can walk on the frozen river which becomes one beautiful part of the vacation to Ladakh.

Fairs and festivals

Fairs and festivals in ladakh

Every location owes its own culture and tradition following which the place celebrates a few festivals. Being part of the festivals that take place in Ladakh is nothing but watching the customs closely. There are a few annual festivals that grab the attention of people throughout the world. The festivals turn the place much more vibrant and make one enjoy the party environment.


Monasteries in ladakh

The region is not just famous for the alluring natural beauty and the thrilling activities, but one needs to see the Buddhist monasteries. There are many monasteries which are the peaceful places where Buddhist monks pray. These places even host a few festivals and are located in different areas of Leh and Ladakh. A few Buddhist monasteries in the region are constructed long ago and are even a few rituals are celebrated in a much colorful manner.

Finally one get a chance to see the amazing Tibetan culture and traditions in Ladakh and taste the delicacies of Tibetan cuisine.

So a holiday in Ladakh is not just a relaxation or a kind of taking a break from the rush of the busy life, but is a chance to gain an unusual experience of the vacation.

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