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Bansko – a Great Place to Stay in Shape and Lose Weight in the Pirin Mountains

Bansko is a unique resort town among the majestic and amazingly beautiful alpine nature of the Pirin Mountains. It attracts tourists in all seasons –an average of about 500,000 people choose to spend their holiday there every year.

It is famous for its winter sports amenities. A number of world championships are held here, and besides the professional tracks, there are numerous routes for beginners and advanced, with provided ski schools, full equipment, etc. Numerous activities among the beautiful mountain scenery during the warm seasons attract as many tourists as in the winter. Apart from Bulgarians, many people from different countries and continents come here – from England and France to Russia, Israel, Lebanon, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. Some of the guests also arrive especially to attend the numerous international festivals – jazz, ethno, ballet, opera, Balkan folklore, where the stage is traditionally taken by famous artists all over the world.

Bansko combines the modernity of a leading European resort with the artifacts from the ancient history of the Thracian region. The discovered and preserved testimonies from different eras are regularly included in interesting tourist routes during the warm months – there are about 170 archaeological sites, religious and cultural monuments in the region. There are also specialized museums – about history, lifestyle, customs and traditions, about the unique construction during the Bulgarian National Revival, about the local icon painting school. Here are also the museums of great people born in Bansko who left their mark in Bulgarian history. A special memorial, for example, holds an exact replica of the monastery cell in which Paisius of Hilendar created the foundation of Bulgarian National Revival – Slavic-Bulgarian history. The town also has special museums dedicated to Neofit Rilski and Nikola Vaptsarov.

There are also many mineral springs in the region utilized for the development of modern balneotherapy for various diseases – joint, bone, muscular, neurological, gynecological, skin, urinary tract, bile and liver, and many others.

Healthy and visible weight loss in nature

The numerous and varied activities in Pirin Mountains are a good opportunity to achieve a healthy and visible weight loss while enjoying time in the picturesque nature.

Picnics, hikes, horse riding, excursions including walking areas, fresh air, positive emotions – these are all things that every prestigious weight loss clinic includes in their programs. Of course, physical activity is combined with a special diet to eliminate the excess calorie intake. The necessary energy intake for a person’s body is determined by specialists in the clinic taking into account their general condition, gender, age. The physical load is also set in accordance to the capabilities – different combinations of length and duration of the routes, slope of the terrain, type of flooring, intensity of movement, etc. The goal is to balance the intake and the burning of energy with the prevalence of burning, all without imposing hunger and applying menu of diverse meals and movement regime. Typically, programs are also aimed at stress relieving and body cleansing of toxins – these are the methods used in the LuckyFit clinic, too. So, weight loss is made healthy with a positive influence on the entire body – it improves blood circulation and breathing, strengthens metabolism, strengthens muscles, takes the stress and stabilizes the psyche, increases the body’s defense.

Of course, all activities are arranged in strict programs with a plan for each day of stay. Daily activities include a range of activities – dance, fitness, pilates and calanetics, tae-bo, yoga, water exercises and swimming, and a number of others upon request from our guests. Thus, in addition to noticeably slimming down – from 6 to 8% depending on the duration of the course, a pattern of nutrition and physical activity is set which, if you build a habit to maintain, will enable you to reach and stay at the desired weight without problems. The practice shows that up to 30 percent of the extra weight can be removed in a year.

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