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African Adventure: Fun and Amazing Things to do on an African Safari

frwferfgewAfrica is one of the biggest continents in the world – with 54 countries, it boasts numerous terrains and distinctive ethnicities. It is, therefore, quite a challenge to plan a travel itinerary on this unique continent. If you’re solely interested in African safari, then it is possible to narrow down your itinerary. Here are some ideas of what to do on safari:

Game Driving

Game driving in Africa is undoubtedly the highlight of your trip there. When you want to experience large game viewing, you have the option to choose between open or closed motor vehicles that are 4×4. Some open vehicles have the choice of a pull-over roof for shade, but closed transportation has only windows and occasionally roof hatches for visibility.

It is best to go game driving in the morning and afternoon as animals are more active at this time and the weather is not too hot. It is not uncommon to experience or even request a game drive that lasts half or even the entire day with lunch enjoyed out in the field in the form of a picnic to maximise your game viewing experience.

A vehicle for game driving can usually accommodate between 4 and ten people. Most commonly, safari vehicles can accommodate a maximum of 6 people. If you can afford it, and you want your experience to be more exclusive, you can request your own game-viewing vehicle.

You can also go game driving at night. If you want to see animals that come out only at night, you must try this! Your guide will use a special flashlight to locate these animals in the darkness. Although there will be fewer chances to take Instagram-worthy photos, you will surely be delighted with the unique sightings. Most national parks and reserves do not offer nighttime game driving unless it is specifically requested.

Walking safaris

A Walking African safari gives a different experience because your senses are heightened, and you are fully immersed in the wilderness. With this activity, not only will you be able to exercise but you will also appreciate nature more. In a way, it is more thrilling. There are strolls that only last for a couple of hours, and there are some that last for days and include a stylish camping accommodation. This is called fly camping, but is only offered at selected safari lodges and camps.

If you opt for a walking safari, you must consider your guide. Aside from learning and enjoying your stroll, you will feel safer if you’re with a trusted and knowledgeable guide. One guide can usually accompany up to six people.

Animal-Back Safari

Riding animals such as camels, elephants, and horses are accessible to some parts of Africa such as Botswana, South Africa, and Kenya.

For horse riding, you can have a memorable experience riding along through bushes and across wide plains. You can try this at camps that have stables. Moreover, you can also choose the number of hours you wish to ride the horse, choosing to ride for as long as 7 hours. Accommodations are also available along the way. Since it can be done by people with different riding skills, an experienced rider may find this somewhat limiting. If you have a companion who does not like to ride, they can opt for other safari-related activities and meet you in a specific area while you are horseback riding.

For elephant-back safaris, these are available in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana. You can also learn about these gentle animals and see how they live in their natural habitat and interact with other animals. There is a possibility to see other animals, but you will undoubtedly appreciate the elephants more.

Water Adventure

Certain parts of Africa have an abundance of water. You can see lakes, lagoons, and various water creatures. Concerning transport, you can choose from a canoe, a boat, and, in Botswana specifically, a mokoro, which is similar to a canoe, to enjoy the fantastic view. Some of the animals you can see while rowing on the lagoon or lake are birds and crocodiles. As long as there is deep water, you can ride a boat.

Final Thoughts

Africa is a place worth adding to your bucket list. Once you are there, there are a wide variety of activities to choose from, and various experiences to be had. Wherever you decide to visit in Africa, one thing is for sure – you’ll bring back unique memories to last a lifetime.

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