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A Tourist’s Guide to Madrid: 7 Tricks for a Most Enjoyable Trip

rgewgetwgSpain is routinely breaking its own records in tourism, as says El Pais. This year 10.51 million people visited the country in a single month (July). The vast majority of them come to discover the mysteries of Madrid, whether in transit to the beaches or on trips solely dedicated to exploring this city. As one of the most beautiful places in the world, the capital of Spain has a lot to offer to any traveler. However, there are many amazing places and routes not included in a regular tourist’s guide to Madrid. Exploring those will provide you a truly unforgettable experience.

Tourist’s Guide to Madrid: Secret Adventures to Enjoy

1. Try Baked Goods at the Corpus Christi Monastery

A magnificent 17th century monastery Corpus Christi is located at Plaza del Conde de Miranda. It’s a coven filled with mystery as one cannot really interact with the nuns. They take an oath limit their contact with the outside world to the barest minimum. However, they make some of the most amazing cookies you are ever likely to try. The treats are sold right here by the nuns, which means that the actual buying process is a mini-adventure on its own.

2. Visit a Turkish Bath

If you want to see the influence of other cultures on Madrid, or simply want to have a luxuriously relaxing experience, visiting Hammam Al Andalus is a must. The building itself is a splendid example of traditional Arabic architecture. The techniques used by the staff date back centuries and guarantee producing silky-smooth skin and the sense of utter relaxation. This amazing place is not listed in any tourist’s guide to Madrid, and it’s not surprising that the locals want to have it to themselves. The prices here are highly reasonable for this type of service with only 90EUR charged for the bath and massage for two people.

3. Open the Door to a Secret Garden

If you are a hunter of secret passages to beautiful places, take a walk around La Latina. It’s also a great destination for evening bar crawls as this neighborhood is full of the most original and interesting establishments. However, if you want to take a breather and enjoy some peace, the door to a small heaven is located at Calle Principe de Angola. The door to the vermillion garden is usually closed, but not locked. It’s a public place and completely free.

4. Explore the City on Foot

Local guides giving free walking tours in Madrid can take you to some amazing places. They will also tell you a variety of interesting facts about the city’s ancient and modern history. Most importantly, they can answer any questions you have about this incredible city. As there are many different tours available, you’ll be able to find the one that appeals to your personal interests.

5. Window-Shop in Salamanca

Salamanca is one of the fanciest and most expensive neighborhoods in Madrid. Its streets are filled with luxury boutiques and restaurants where one can leave their paycheck for a meal. However, the place is one of the most beautiful in the modern Madrid. The secret hidden here opens through a door on Calle de Hermosilla 26. It leads to a small courtyard where you can immerse yourself into a bohemian atmosphere of the Old Europe. Artistic souls will love it here, as there are small shops of interior design items, wine, and clothes.

6. Discover Madrid’s Underground Chinatown

Once you walk past the Plaza de Espana, you’ll catch the delicious aroma of Chinese cuisine wafting from the underground. As the entrance is painted bright-orange, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the entry to Madrid’s own Little Chinatown. Although not mentioned in a regular tourist’s guide to Madrid, this place is loved by the locals. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a spot here during lunchtime. However, you can take food to go and enjoy it at the plaza as many people do.

7. Enjoy Art at Galeria Javier Lopez

One of the best-hidden Madrid galleries, Galeria Javier Lopez requires you to travel about 20 minutes out of the downtown by bus. The trip is definitely worth the effort as this gallery features works of some of the most renowned modern artists. The exhibit includes masterpieces by Hiroshi Sugimoto, Alex Katz, Jan Fabre, Francesco Clemente, and many others.\

Best Tourist’s Guide to Madrid: Discover Your Own Path

Madrid is one of the richest cities on Earth when it comes to incredible nooks with great food, magical atmosphere, and a lot of culture. Discovering all those will take many repeated visits. You should never give up a chance to walk off the beaten path and see something new.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, I recently move to Barcelona and looking forward to visiting Madrid. Now i have to list what i can visit there.

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