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A Guide to Living it Up in Darwin Without Breaking the Bank


Though possibly not your number one choice in tourism spots in Australia, Darwin is a unique and natural Australian wonder which needs to be experienced to be believed. However, just because people don’t go there as often as say, Sydney, doesn’t mean it is a cheap alternative for a holiday.

Darwin can be an expensive place if you don’t know where to go and what to see. If you’re planning your next trip and Darwin is the destination of choice, then use this guide to living it up without breaking the bank.

Find the right accommodation

Whilst Darwin isn’t necessarily as popular as its east coast counterparts, it doesn’t mean you should expect to find a hotel for $20 a night. After all, the owners of these businesses are still making a living. Consider one of the many Darwin serviced apartments. Not only will it give you a holiday base, it allows you to save money on eating out every night by doing a grocery shop and cooking at home.

A serviced apartment can also offer more space, meaning you might be able to save money by having more people stay and splitting the cost of accommodation across a bigger group, plus entertaining and kick-ons are so much easier with room to spread out.

Commodities aren’t cheap

Consider Darwin for a moment. It is a beautiful and unique part of Australia that many visitors want to experience. However, it is also a remote location for many visitors, and if it is remote for visitors, it is likely to be remote for merchandisers to deliver to.

What that means for a visitor to Darwin is everything will come at an increased cost. A bottle of soft drink, that packet of lollies or that breakfast at the local café; all of the products and ingredients if not sourced locally will cost businesses a lot to get in. This means it will add to the price visitors pay. Consider, if you can, bringing along some more easily packed commodities like breakfast cereal, snacks, some foodstuffs for dinner. Getting the most out of your holiday to Darwin can sometimes mean planning ahead.

Find the freebies

The beauty of Darwin is in its surrounds. There are literally dozens of activities, places, landmarks, and opportunities to explore Darwin for next to nothing. Whether you are looking for a beach session, to watch the sunrise or explore the gardens, there are heaps of options to choose from.

Before you visit to make sure you get the most out of your trip, do your research on the cheaper experiences Darwin has to offer. Check out the George Brown Botanical Gardens for some 130-year-old history or consider taking in an afternoon at Mindil Beach, followed by a breathtaking sunset on the sand. Darwin has an abundance of experiences which won’t break the bank, all you have to do is search.

Experience the culture

Darwin is bursting at the seams with history and culture. Many Australians aren’t even aware of the culture and history that Darwin has to offer. From World War II experiences, to the history and character of the Northern Territory, Darwin has a lot to offer the thrifty visitor.

A cheap activity to get some history in your trip is the World War II tunnels. A photo exhibit helping visitors understand what it was like for residents in Darwin during the war. Alternatively, why not visit the local museum and art galleries? Nothing says Darwin quite like an 18-foot saltwater crocodile on display.

Darwin has a lot to offer a visitor and even those on a budget. Don’t let the cost of accommodation or commodities turn you away. Darwin is a wonderful destination to experience Australia and all it has to offer, and even better it can be done on a thrifty budget without compromising the experience. If you are considering Darwin, then use this guide to living it up in Darwin without breaking the bank.

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