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A Guide for First Time Travelers in India

gtg3gt35As India is a bewildering country with various cultures and religions, you may get a culture shock when you travel for the first time in India. So how can you prepare yourself for this travel? Let us go through this guide to help those first time travelers.

Prepare Your Budget: India is not a very expensive destination compared to other countries. Still, you should think of your budget properly. You will probably not get a room with less than 5 dollars and meals less than 2 dollars. If you take 3 meals a day, you will end up spending 6 USD on your meals. Transport, on an average can cost you 1 dollar per day. Excluding any additional costs like entrance fees, flights, Wi-Fi, snacks, shopping, you will pay out 12 dollars per day, which means 360 dollars per month. You can remain safe as a budget traveler if you can double that particular amount for additional expenses and keep your budget as 720 dollars per month.

Do Some Research: This country is full of attractions. Even in two years of time, you will not be able to cover every tourist attraction in India. So, you are required to do a little research and prepare a list of all places that will interest you most. But never overdo it as you will feel sad if you cannot fulfill all your plans and expectations.

People Are Warm But Shy: You can expect a warm welcome in India, but you must remember that they are shy in nature. You may start talking with them in trains or buses and they will definitely enjoy your company. They may sometimes stare at you just out of curiosity and might want to take photos with you. But all these activities are very common in their culture and you should not feel uncomfortable.

Never Hop Around Too Much: For enjoying India to the fullest, you need to relax and not take on too much. You may get tired easily in dusty roads when you travel from one city to another. Long overnight rides and fights may also be the reason of your tiredness. So take enough time in your hand to relax in one city before moving to the other.

Never Panic If You Get Sick: You should take prevention by packing your own medical kit. You may come across some unfamiliar bacterium in your belly that can give you a belly ache for some time. Just do not panic if you have a sudden stomach upset. Never pop in antibiotics every time you get sick!

Dress in Conservative Way: If you want to respect modest culture of India, you should definitely go for conservative dresses. You should consider removing shoes while entering someone’s homes, or holy places like temples.

Avoid Deals That Are Unbelievable to Be True: If you want to avoid getting cheated, Government shops are the safest ones. They will provide you with the best rates as well as the best quality products. Be aware if you are paying in advance, and arranging something to be delivered at your doorstep.

India is a huge country with various colorful attractions. But you should plan your trip wisely with realistic expectations. Just stay safe and do not get nervous with noise and crowds all over the cities. You can also learn some local languages to communicate with people easily. As India is very seasonal in nature, try to visit right places at the right time.


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