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A Dominican Paradise – Travel Guide

lerablog - paradiseThe Dominican Republic is a place to experience some of the best value holidays in the Caribbean. It is a place that is perfect for a romantic getaway or honeymoon, great for families and great for those that are fans of watersports. There is also a vast array of Caribbean culture and history to experience. The Dominican Republic offers

Lining the long white sandy beaches are abundant luxury hotels and resorts. In the last few years there has been in an expansion in the number ofDomincan Republic resortsparticularly in the resort of Punta Cana.

Punta Cana

Punta Cana offers some of the most luxurious holiday accommodation, with many hotels offering gourmet dining experiences, access to many facilities such as the onsite tennis courts, the ability to have snorkelling, kayaking, diving on site. Many hotels offer these activities at least one hour a day as a complimentary activity for the hotel guests.

There is much to see and do in Punta Cana for families and adults holidaying alone or with companions. Punta Cana has become a golfer’s retreat with some amazing golf courses being designed and built, attracting some of the keenest golfers. If golfing is not your choice of activity, then consider relaxing in one of the spa treatments located at many of the Punta Cana resorts, or venture a little further and soak up the sunshine on one of the ‘Costa del Coco’ (Coconut Coast) that Punta Cana is famous for. Take the chance to experience some of the marine life, you can zip around the countryside as you explore the area on a dune buggy, take a boat drip and go across the sea alongside the native inhabitants at Dolphin Island. If you have enjoy night life, venture away from your resort and head to downtown to one of the many discos to listen to Bachata music. Punta Cana really is a Caribbean utopia, and is one of the most visited areas of the Dominican Republic. If you are thinking a bit more Caribbean and a little less busy, consider Samana Peninsula.

Samana Peninsula

Azure blue waters, warm evenings and white sands are typical of the Caribbean, the Samana Peninsula epitomises this and more. The coconut canopy mountains that draw down into the vast blue sea, adorned with bright and vibrant coral reefs playing home to many species of marine life.

The Samana Peninsula is considered one of the prettiest places in the Dominican Republic and Christopher Columbus is said to have referred to as “the fairest land on the face of the earth”.

The jewel in the Dominican Republic crown as Samna Peninsula remains relatively untouched, still a sense of the real Caribbean. Tropical shores, dirt roads, mountainous terrain and pristine and more sparsely populated beaches, this a sense of the tropical Caribbean. There are many hotels located along Samana, but the activities are more limited to what is in the area, less luxury and more tropical paradise. A chance to explore what Samana has to offer a different side of the Caribbean.

Samana itself, has a scenic walkway that connects the small islands of the bay and during later Winter and early spring Samana is the briefing ground for the humpback whale.

Some of the best beaches in Samana arePlaya Rincon or Fisherman’s beach regarded as the most beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic.Judge for yourself as you explore the stretch of white sands that stretch for miles on this remote beach accessible by a small road and by an off-road vehicle assessing to the mystery and adventure of making a day a secluded, sun drenched sport.

As secludes as the beach is, there are two restaurants You may be in the middle of nowhere, but the locals who run the two makeshift restaurants at Playa Rincon will cook you the best meal of your life. Choose from lobster, octopus, shrimp, or fish, plucked from the sea, cooked over a small fire, and served with coconut rice and fried plantains. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Las Terrenas was a famous arrival port for the during the 17thcentury. This town is still one of the biggest tourist attractions and has the largest contingent of European citizens. There is an abundance of accommodation here to suit all budgets, there are many restaurants and bakeries reflecting the diverse population of the town. There are beaches nearby, the town beach itself is not necessarily the beach to go to. There are many other nearby beaches where you can partake in horse-riding along the breath taking sands as the wind blows through your hair and the sea laps around beneath you.

With plenty of Dominican Republic resorts to choose from. There is bound to be the perfect location for you to take your next trip, why not combine more than one.

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