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A Comparison between a Hotel and a Holiday Rental Property: Which is Best for You?

If you are planning a getaway with a bigger-than-usual group, you may be wondering if it’s better to stay in a holiday rental property rather than a hotel. Of course, hotels would have whatever facilities you may need, but you’d be surprised to learn that a lot of holiday rental properties have all of that – and more – as well. Whilst we can’t deny that a hotel will come with housekeeping services every day, room service, a front desk, and a concierge, a holiday rental property can offer other distinct advantages that a hotel could not. They could offer a lot more space and flexibility plus more privacy. But if you are still debating between the two and would like to know more so you can make the best decision, here’s a comparison between a hotel and a holiday rental property: which is best for you?

  • Space

When it comes to space, most new hotels will have rooms that have a standard layout of two queen beds, and this can accommodate up to four individuals, perhaps a couple and two kids. And whilst you can always go for a suite, the space can still be quite limited and you’d have to contend with a higher expense. The space you get with a hotel room is pretty much concentrated, which is good enough for one night but not ideal for a longer stay, especially if you are visiting a particular destination.

Small children can be difficult to deal with if you are in close quarters all the time, and elderly individuals may need more privacy. And even if you have the option of adjoining hotel rooms, the price you pay for this may be quite prohibitive.

In contrast, staying at a holiday rental can give you the prime space you need because most of these properties, especially party houses to rent, will have separate bedrooms along with common areas for dining and living, where you can all get together during the day. But once the day is done, you can retreat to your bedroom without being bothered by anyone else in your group.

  • Privacy and freedom

With hotels, you don’t have much privacy and freedom. True, hotels will have services 24/7 such as front desk staff, but your privacy will be relegated only to your room. Once you step out of your room, there will be other guests and staff, and there’s not much chance of you having anything to yourself, whether it’s the pool, the gym, and so on. But with a private holiday rental, you have the utmost privacy. You can benefit from a large space and expansive grounds without having to share any facilities with anyone else apart from your group. You also have the freedom to do as you please – you can eat breakfast at 11 am if you so wish, and you can stay at the pool the whole night if you feel like it.

  • Savings on expense

Granted, there are plenty of affordable hotels and beds & breakfasts around, but when you stay in a private holiday rental property, you can save more, particularly if you are travelling with friends who can share the costs with you. But another distinct savings is with your food – you can prepare your meals, and you can purchase whatever food or drinks you want at local shops.

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