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7 Things You Should Always Have in Your Car


Most modern people own cars these days. In a lot of cases, people don't really have a choice since they need their car to get to work on time. Commuting becomes bearable when you own your own vehicle. People with families absolutely need a car. Taking the kids to school and picking them up, getting groceries, rushing to work and many other obligations require the use of a vehicle. Still, owning a car can get you in a lot of tight situations as well, and you need to have t proper equipment within your vehicle just in case. A lot of accidents and mishaps can happen on the road, and you shouldn't simply rely on good luck to avoid them. Here is a list of things you absolutely need to have in your car.

1. Spare Tire & Proper Tools

The most common mishap related to cars is, of course, the good old flat tire. It is only common sense to have a spare in your trunk and the proper tools to change it. Otherwise, a simple thing like a flat tire can hold you captive for an indefinite period of time. Make sure you know how to use the tools and how to change a tire. If you are not sure, practice a bit while at home. There is no shame in not knowing, only in not bothering to learn.

2. Flashlight


You never know when you are going to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no light in sight. The reason you are stuck might be that pesky flat tire we've just mentioned. Things get significantly more complicated when you are attempting to do something and it is dark outside. Always keep a functioning flashlight with you.

3. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit can mean the difference between life and death, and this has been proven on numerous occasions. In a lot of cases, people run into an accident while driving and their first aid kits may mean the world to those that got hurt in the accident. Having a first aid kit isn't that big of an investment, but it can mean everything for someone in serious situations.

4. Drinkable Water


Most people don't believe that they will ever be stuck on the road for more than an hour, but all kinds of things may occur. You should always be prepared for all kinds of situations, no matter how unlikely they are to happen. Having drinkable water stashed away in your car surely won't burden you, but you will cherish it if you ever need it.

5. Maps

I'm not questioning your navigational abilities, but chances are that you are going to get lost sometimes, and your mobile phone isn't always going to have your back. Good old fashioned maps will keep you safe when it comes to this, and there is nothing better to replace them. It is best to keep them in your glove compartment so that you always know where you are going.

6. Spare Phone


While your regular phone may be reliable, there are those situations when bad luck strikes. Phones often tend to be out of battery precisely at that moment when you need them the most. This is why having a fully charged spare phone is a good idea for those emergency situations. This is smart thinking that will allow you to always call for help, no matter where you are. The importance of having a functional phone increases when we take into account all the apps that can help you out when you are on the road.

7. Blanket & Spare Clothes

You never know when a disaster might strike and you are forced to do something in the rain you haven't anticipated. Getting stuck somewhere in wet clothes will do nothing good for your health. This is why you should always have spare clothes and a blanket or two to keep you warm in these kinds of situations.

Depending on your car's quality and other conditions tied to your geographical location, you might need some other things as well, but this is something that you should inquire with your officials responsible for on the road safety in your area. We hope this helps you out, and we wish you a smooth journey wherever you decide to go. Cheers!

Shared by Stanley R. Harris

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