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7 Simple Tips on How You Can Contribute to Saving the Environment

Most of us have already heard about the Great Pacific garbage patch, or the Pacific trash vortex, that was first discovered in 1985. This great patch consists of floating garbage made of plastic and various debris located halfway between California and Hawaii. The presence of this garbage patch is definitely alarming and is indicative of the negative effects of human activities on the environment. In fact, many aquatic animals have already died due to the ingestion of plastic from this patch, and it seems that the aquatic ecosystem is slowly reaching its tipping point.

To solve this huge problem of a garbage patch in the Pacific is no small task. It needs a collective effort from various countries around the Pacific on the macro-level. It also requires individual efforts and contributions on the micro-level. Hence, your simple effort like the proper disposal and composting of the garbage can definitely have an impact on preserving the environment.

This is surely not the best time to lose heart in the face of this great environmental problem. Moreover, it is not right to simply fatalistically accept this environmental problem as beyond repair. This problem is still reversible and the damage has not yet reached its tipping point.

How Can You Contribute to Saving the Environment?

Enabling the environment to heal itself is not just a matter of raising some placards with written slogans for the environment. It requires a dramatic change in our lifestyles and a radical tweaking of some of our old habits that are detrimental to the environment. Here are some simple ways on how you make an impact on the conservation of the environment:

  1. Plant Trees and Engage in Gardening

You may be engaging in simple gardening, away from the prying eyes of the environmentalists, but you are surely doing right for the environment. By simply planting a tree, for example, you can prevent a lot of environmental problems, like too much amount of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere and soil erosion. At the same time, you are helping in replenishing the supply of oxygen in the atmosphere.

  1. Involve Yourself in Environmental Conservation

There are two levels in environmental conservation, namely: the micro-level and macro-level. The macro-level of conservation involves governmental and international activities to conserve the environment, while the micro-level entails individual effort to conserve the environment.

On the micro-level, you can engage in this conservation process by simply turning off unused lights, using LED light bulbs, conserving water, and sorting your garbage into specific bins. With regard to waste segregation, every local government has its own guidelines on how to sort garbage. If you live in Perth, for example, you would notice that there are companies there that offer skip bins for hire. Residential Waste Bin Management companies will surely be of great help to you if you would take advantage of their services. Aside from providing skip bins for hire, these companies also collect full skip bins and properly dispose of the garbage inside.

  1. Buy Electric-powered Cars instead of Fossil-fueled Cars

You can also choose items that make use of renewable energy instead of fossil fuel. Try to research products that do not rely on fossil fuel, and buy only those products.

  1. Spread the Idea of Love for the Environment

Ideas and words are powerful. If you spread the idea of love for the environment, this idea can become so contagious and can help educate many people. Eventually, this idea can help overturn the negative impact of human activities on the environment.

  1. Reduce the Use of Harmful Chemicals.

You should choose products that are naturally-made instead of products that have harmful chemical constituents.

  1. Alter Your Bad Habits of Waste Disposal

You should practice proper disposal of garbage and waste. At the same time, you should contribute in educating your children and friends about it.

  1. Practice Organic Gardening or Farming

You will surely contribute to the preservation of the environment by engaging in organic gardening or farming; at the same time, you will get healthful organic vegetables and fruits. Lastly, cultivating your own organic vegetables and fruits will surely have an impact on the reduction of your carbon footprint in the environment.

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