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6 Lighting Hacks for a Healthy Lifestyle

In summers, we bask under the natural light, oftentimes, the luxury of it all seems too easily accessible to be cherished thoroughly – one of the much-unappreciated benefits of healthy natural lighting. The sweet chill of winter beckons a path for approaching dim natural light – disinclines us to take comfort in the relative darkness of evenings.

Every year we experience this yearning for summer, pining for those long, bright days when we felt energetic. We have passed the longest days of 2019 in the confines of healthy lighting at home, & luckily, scientists are opting for more smart & healthy artificial lighting to help us through this climate change epidemic. Here we have a list of 6 best lighting hacks for a healthy lifestyle to optimize your light environment. These hacks guarantee a less digital eye strain, fewer migraines, less anxiety, less feeling down, improved sleep quality, better recovery, more energy, and less circadian rhythm related illnesses.

Switch to Red Light at Night

Did You Know: Red light does not reduce melatonin levels like blue light? Red is a better choice for use at night, and some people find that using orange or red LED light bulbs at night helps improve sleep quality. As the night approaches, the blue light emitting from your appliances, such as house lights, TV, smartphone, laptop, street lamps, and car headlights channel to a damaging mode. They disrupt your production of melatonin – a healing hormone. Melatonin heals the body from inflammation during the day and is also essential for healthy night sleep. Red and orange light block most blue light, are another option for avoiding blue light at night and this addresses room lighting as well as phone, computer and tablet exposure. Red LED lights after dark have aided in the technological revolution and allowed increased productivity in mankind.

Turn your Smart-phone to Red Screen

In this technological era, prolonged computer use under artificial LED lighting exposure is leading to a rise in digital eye strain which has symptoms of tension headaches, dry and watery eyes. A leading cause of an increase in cases of macular degeneration and severe eye degradation. Did You Know: A tiny fraction of blue or even green light between 400-550nm after sunset can destabilize your entire circadian rhythms? Do you think wearing blue-blocking glasses at dark protects you completely from eye strains? You need to rethink your eye-health precautions! What can give deteriorating hormone-related issues at a young age? Easy-pease! When you opt for blue-lit LED digital device such as your smartphone pointing at your thyroid at night. The built-in night shift mode feature on smart does not eliminate all blue light, now that is not helpful, is it? Turn your smart-phone to the red screen by the feature provided or set a red color wallpaper, if your phone does not support it.

Dim Light, Healthy Life

According to the healthy lightning innovators, circadian rhythm lighting is extremely important for creating ambiance in the working environment. It is recommended to avoid bright or fluorescent overhead lights, as much as one can. It is better for your circadian rhythm if you opt for floor and table lamps with dimmer light features.

Bed Side Lamp

What cannot help but urge you to grit your teeth in annoyance? Nothing, I repeat nothing more than snuggling into bed to read a good book – paperback or eBook – before falling asleep, getting super cozy and drowsy, and then having to get up to shut off an overhead light. Having a little bedside lamp with healthy LED light installed, or even a little reading light will seriously make life so much easier.

On IT When You Contour IT

None can stress enough importance of proper LED lighting for your face when you put makeup on. No, we are against negating the fact that natural light by a window is the best option, as it evenly diffuses and clears, so you can easily see when something isn’t blended properly However, natural healthy light between the watts ranges of 60 and 65 is the next best thing as it makes you beautifully sun-kissed-ly tan. Did You Know: Standing in front of the light source, as opposed to below it, will minimize annoying shadows?

Adjust the Mirror Reflections

For a healthy circadian rhythm, mirrors and other reflective objects are used for a brighter and lighter look of a space. How Does It Work? Place a mirror adjacent to a window. Done? Does the adjacent placement mimic the window? The wall should look like you have more windows. Now, experiment with opposite a window. Done? Is the mirror reflecting and viewing the light it from the window? You GOT it! Did You Know: Reflective objects will help to bounce the natural light all over your space. Solid circadian rhythm lighting is an important part of creating a cozy and efficient space, and fortunately, there are a ton of inexpensive ways to get the most out of your light. Hello, A Heads-Up! Proper lighting might not seem like all that big a deal, but you will realize the benefits of healthy circadian rhythm lighting once healthy LED lights cover your home or work-space for both function and overall mood. The trick is to make sure the light is never too harsh and generally had warm hues. However, there is no harm in going for solid light where it is needed the most, like in the kitchen or in darker corners. Healthy circadian rhythm LED lights are cheap and effective to update a room in your home or your workplace If you have further queries or suggestions regarding the benefits of LED lights in senior citizens’ health, please share it with us in the comments below!

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