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5 Travel Blunders that Could Spoil Your Entire Trip

tw-Costa-Rica-travelIt is very common to commit a few careless mistakes while traveling to an unexplored destination. But there are times when these mistakes can turn your vacation to a nightmare instead of a memorable experience. Apart from wasting your dollars, the entire trip can leave a bad taste in your mouth. So, if you’re about to go to some vacation or travel spot, here is a list of the most common travel mistakes that you can make. Remember that each of the points mentioned in this list comes from some tragic personal experience. Hence, make sure you don’t repeat the same error.

  • Overpacking: You get your entire wardrobe at your home and hence there is no reason for you to not wear different clothes for your work, clubs, night parties and gym on a single day. But whenever you are given the option to carry your fashionable clothes in a single bag, your morality soon changes. Don’t you think that it is not logical to not repeat clothes while you’re on a vacation? As per a survey by Travelodge, 2/3rds of travelers return from a vacation with 8 unworn clothes. Hence, don’t overpack.
  • Over ambitious itinerary: Don’t opt for an over-ambitious itinerary; instead try to be flexible and change plans immediate when you face weather problems or other monetary shortage. Remain aware of the time that it takes to switch from Plan A to Plan B. Take into account the additional time that you have to invest for delays and also the time to take rest.
  • Not buying something when you see it: Most travelers think they will circle back to a shop once they check out some cheaper and better deals in other shops. But what they forget is that it wastes a lot of time. Don’t spend your days with regret. Instead get them as soon as you see them so that your mind doesn’t keep missing that thing throughout the trip.
  • Not checking your phone’s plan: Remember that what you think as international roaming is actually shareholder’s dividend for your phone’s carrier. Don’t make a mistake that would make your calls cost more and hurt you more than a surgery. Make sure you check your phone’s plan before leaving the place so that you don’t bleed with outrageous phone bills.
  • Forgetting the budget: People make the blunder of forgetting their budget as they go out for traveling. You should always consider your budget as the biggest way to experience a new place more authentically and creatively. One of the best ways to keep an eye on your budget is with a BB&T checking account which allows you to monitor your balance through a mobile device no matter where your travels take you. Budget is not a restriction; rather it helps you explore more. Create a budget that’s realistic and stick to it throughout the time of traveling. Know exactly how much you’re allowed to spend.”

Apart from the above mentioned travel blunders, not researching about the hotel is one more mistake that most travelers commit. Although you might find trusted hotels like IC Hotels Residence Antalya, yet it is always better to be sure about where you are going to stay.

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