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5 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing While Reserving a Table at a Restaurant

fregewThere are a few things that you shouldn’t be doing when booking a table at a restaurant. And if you are wondering as to what they might be here is the list.

  1. Making a Reservation for More People Than You Actually Are

Restaurants on busy nights are seen trying to maximize their seating capacity so as to accommodate as many people as possible. Now, if you make a reservation for about 40 people when you know for sure that only 25 to 30 people will make it, you will end up creating a lot of problem to the restaurant. You are not only taking away the chance of others to enjoy a fine dining experience at restaurants, but also putting the restaurant at a great loss.

After all, a restaurant is a business and although they are more than happy to accommodate large parties, it is a real shame to lose out on some potential reservations. A difference of 3 to 4 people is not a big deal, but when the numbers start varying from 5 to 10 people its starts affecting the restaurant’s revenue. Also, it will be beneficial for you if you give them out the exact number of people so that you can have a good seating arrangement. If you are making a booking in advance, but are unsure of the exact number of people, then update them with the right numbers when you are sure.

  1. Don’t Be Wishy-Washy about the Timings

Whether you are reserving a table at a great restaurant like Molecule or any small restaurant, be sure and firm about the reservation timing. Don’t call the restaurant till your dining plan is confirmed.

  1. Don’t Pin-Point the Hostess for the Restaurant’s Reservation Policies

Some restaurants may have limitations and restrictions for reservations. Sometimes, they may warn you that you may get the table for a max of 2 hours or they might not be able to accommodate you during peak hours. Now, this could be very frustrating from a customer’s point of view. But, there is no point on losing your cool. You can politely ask them for other possible solutions or speak with the restaurant manager to find a solution. A little courtesy doesn’t hurt.

  1. Don’t Threaten the Restaurant Staff

It is not an uncommon sight to see customers threatening the restaurant staff with words like “I’m coming here to spend Rs. 10,000 for a dinner! What do you mean you don’t have place to accommodate us?” and“What if that table is already reserved? We specifically want that table. If you don’t move the reservation to another table, we will never come back!”

Such issues tend to happen when people fail to reserve beforehand and are surprised to find that the restaurant is booked for the night. It will be against the restaurant’s policy to call their other customers and cancel their reservation. By threatening the restaurant, you will only lose your credibility and spoil your relationship with the restaurant, and you might end up even making a complete fool out of yourself at an up-class restaurant.

  1. Not Giving Complete Information

Plenty of times, it is seen that people are in such a rush to make a reservation that they fail to give complete information. Sometimes, people call up the restaurant to ask if there is place on certain date and time and then simply hang up. This leaves the restaurant staff stumped as they don’t have enough details about the customer to make a reservation. They don’t even provide a number to the staff for them the call back to confirm the reservation. So, before you hang up be sure to provide all the necessary details to the restaurant or do it online.

So, go ahead and book a table online at your favorite restaurant through portals like and enjoy a hassle-free experience when you dine with your near and dear ones.

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