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5 Things You Should Know About American Netflix DNS Codes When Travelling

Travelling Are you planning your family vacation? Or maybe you are busy creating a checklist of what you need for your next business trip out of the country? Whether you are going for military duty or a school trip out of the country there are some basics you have to consider. These include accommodation, transport and meals. However, there is something that most travelers miss only to discover how essential it is at the last minute; entertainment.

It might not seem like a big deal until you find yourself cooped up in a hotel room in a foreign country with a cable connection showing movies in a foreign language. Worse still, the hotel receptionist might not help because this is what is available.

You try going online but alas you favorite American Netflix shows are not available. Below are some facts you need to know before you travel about online streaming:

  1. American Netflix is a No Show Abroad

What to do? You try other unreliable streaming services to at least know what your favorite actors in The Walking Dead are up to but the picture quality is poor and the slow loading speeds are frustrating. Finally, you end up missing out on the best action and when your friends call you can’t help but ask for an update on your favorite show.

This might sound like something that cannot happen in a world that is being touted as a global village but you just have to ask some of your colleagues about their experiences abroad to get the true picture. The first question that comes to mind is; why would Netflix block my favorite shows yet my account is still active?

  1. Streaming Licensing Requirements

To understand this you have to appreciate that while it is a global village different countries still have unique regulatory standards. Some shows are not allowed in these countries either due to cultural reasons or licensing issues. As such Netflix has entered into agreements with different countries or regions to determine which type of content is to be availed.

As such you might find Orange is the New Black which is among the top rated American Netflix shows is not available in your destination. How is this done? In 2016 Netflix announced it will be detecting proxies across the globe meaning when you travel it will just block access to American Netflix channels.

  1. Netflix’s Obligations

The company has an obligation to block access to any content that they are not supposed to stream in a specific country. While VPN bypassing was possible before 2016 this is no longer a choice for travellers. The company’s head of content delivery says the situation might remain so for some time as different countries have their own unique regulatory standards.

  1. Enter DNS Code For American Netflix

Does it mean you can’t watch your favorite Netflix shows? Of course not; with a DNS Code for American Netflix you are able to bypass these licensing requirements and catch up with your favorite actors on any show featured on Netflix. In fact these codes also allow you to unblock other great channels including CBC, hulu, BBC iPlayer, ITV, Disney Channel, FOX among others. These codes allow you to stream content form any corner of the globe as long as you have an internet device.

  1. DNS Codes are Not Equal

There are many providers offering DNS codes to help travellers access American Netflix content and you should be cautious when choosing one. Some of these codes are malicious and can lead to more harm than good. A paid VPN and Smart DNS service is a better option than free codes available online as it reduces any risks and guarantees professional technical support.

When looking for a smart DNS service make sure you look for a reliable company by reading online reviews and testimonials form other users, check available channels that can be unblocked, ease of setting up and supported device’s and operating systems.

If you have any questions, please ask below!