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5 Things you Must Do When you Move Home

ewfqrfrferRelocating your home is usually a sign of moving up the property ladder, or it might be due to a career boost that requires you to work at the head office, but whatever the reason for the move, there is much to arrange. This is typically a time to call in the experts, and with a reliable removal company taking care of the actual move, you can focus on what needs doing at the new residence. If you are planning to relocate anytime soon, here are 5 essentials to add to your list of things to do.

  • Inspect the Property – Ideally, this would be done in the company of your conveyance solicitor or perhaps the seller, and would be a final check before the property is signed over. If you happen to nice anything untoward, now is the time to mention it, as after the inspection, any repairs are the responsibility of the new owner. The other choice is to hire a surveyor to undergo a detailed inspection, which will certainly give you peace of mind that the structure is sound.
  • Spring Clean the Property – New or used, the interior of the new abode should be thoroughly cleaned prior to moving in. You might want to allow a few days for this, which would involve deep cleaning any carpets, and making sure that all rooms are clean and ready for occupation. There is no better time to do this, and make sure the locksmith has finished his work before you begin. If the entire inside has been thoroughly cleaned, you are starting out the way things should continue, and with an annual repetition, the home will always look and feel fresh.
  • Connect Utilities – This should be arranged ahead of time, and it wouldn’t hurt to call each company the day before the move, just to confirm. It doesn’t make the move any easier if you have no electricity or water when you arrive, so take steps to avoid this. You might also want to talk to your landline Internet provider, and have him wire up the property prior to the move. You might want to arrange for the appropriate engineers to pop round and make the vital connections to the various appliances once they are in position, and this should be done prior to any cleaning. If everything is timed correctly, each stage of the moving process will be smooth, and with no hold ups, the removal crew can soon be on their way.
  • Security – Whether your new home is new or second hand, in order to be absolutely sure about security, it is recommended you change all of the locks in the property, as you just don’t know who has a set of keys. The Internet can help with sourcing any service, and if you are looking for locksmiths, Keytek are the right company for you. Once all the locks have been changed, you might want to ask the locksmith to assess the security of the property and if they advise you to upgrade, they would be able to put you in touch with a home security specialist.
  • Change of Address – You will have to inform a long list of companies and organisations of your new postal address, and even then, you will likely have mail sent to the old address, as it is easy to omit someone from the list. Schools, doctors, dentists and local regular delivery services will all have to be notified, with either subscription cancellations or just a change of address. If you are moving to a different region, then you will have to source all the essential services a homeowner might call upon, but with your local online directory, that shouldn’t be an issue. Neighbours will be able to recommend local tradesmen, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a little housewarming and invite your new neighbours.

There are many things to arrange when moving house, but with some careful planning and the right removal company, the experience should be bearable.

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