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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Silver Jewelry

Certainly, when you buy a new set of jewelry or receive a gift you are interested in knowing the material from which it is made. We are interested in wearing something of a good quality, that does not embarrass our ear, which does not rust or which does not make us feel uncomfortable.
When jewelry is made of silver, we tend to put more value on it. For example, a pair of earrings: the gorgeous glitter that it has, makes us wear them more often and think about what outfits to match with them. But silver jewelry also has an interesting part that you may not know much about:

1. Silver jewelry oxidizes!

It’s a cruel truth, we know. But do not be afraid – it is normal for silver to oxidize in contact with environmental factors. Whether we are talking about a wet or drier environment, your silver jewelry will oxidize if not stored in soft bags of textile material or special boxes. A good way to protect them is to keep the boxes or bags in which you receive the jewelry.

But if you do not want and do not have time to shake your head with this, we suggest you wash your jewelry when it is dark-colored with baking soda and an old toothbrush that you no longer use. Attention – rinse and wipe the jewelry well after this operation. Another solution would be to visit a jeweler from time to time. It will clean your silver jewelry and give you back with a flawless gloss.
There are also situations where a jewel is purposely oxidized by the creators for a vintage, interesting look. In the end, it depends on you how you want to wear jewelry, how you like it the most. When you buywholesale sterling silver jewelry, they come in different shapes and sizes, representing elements from nature or abstract forms. Usually, they have an extra layer of protection that prevents them from oxidation.

2. Silver jewelry is softer than stainless steel.

Lots of stainless-steel jewelry have recently appeared due to the fact that they do not oxidize, do not break so easily, and do not cause allergies. Even the tortillas for medicinal earrings are made of stainless steel because this metal does not allow the accumulation of harmful bacteria. In time, steel jewelry may be more durable than a silver one. It also depends on the shape of the jewelry and on how fine or rigid it is. It is important for jewelry to have as few corners as possible so that it does not easily cling to clothes or other objects.
The steel melts around 1500 degrees Celsius while silver melts below 1000 degrees.

3. Silver purifies water.

Yes, you read that right. Silver ions have the property of purifying water. For this, you need 999 silver. In jewelry most is used on the 925 silver market, due to the easier processing. The 999 silver is processed harder and is rarely found among the rings and earrings. Mostly you will find this type of silver among the famous silver vessels.
If you want to consume water purified with silver, it is recommended to consume water in small doses or according to certain regulations of the specialists.
Communion is given in the Christian religion in a silver spoon. Did you make the connection? In the past, silver was used instead of antibiotic and now, in hospitals, silver is used for x-ray analysis film.

4. Silver is the best conductor of electricity of all metals.

It is also used to weld most metal alloys.

5. Silver can cause allergies.

Here we need to clarify from the beginning that allergies are different from one person to another and they can develop over time. A person who has had no problems at a time can develop allergies to metals such as silver or even gold. This is increasingly common nowadays because of environmental factors and stress has become a true enemy of ours. What actually happens is that the immune system no longer faces the changes.

Our advice is that when you notice that certain metals color your skin or make you feel uncomfortable, pay a visit to the allergist. You may have the “surprise” of discovering other types of allergies that you didn’t know about.

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