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5 Sites that Are a Must-Visit in London


The world is a very big place and many people around the world dream about visiting various attractive locations. From the Far East to the deep West, there are numerous locations that take a lifetime to visit. Yet, there are some touristic locations that everyone should definitely visit. One of these places is certainly London city, which has an abundance of various cultural attractions. What makes this city attractive is the fact that it has been settled for over two millennia when Romans founded it. Over centuries, this city has become the center of various business ventures. It is also rich with art and distinct culture. If you want an interesting and breathtaking traveling tour, this place is the perfect choice. There are many interesting locations which would take months to visit, but some are most prominent and have the biggest value to the British culture.

British museum


This is a fine place to begin with as it is a museum containing various interesting artifacts from all parts of the world. There are pieces from prehistoric times, up to the modern works of arts, all placed in this beautiful monument. The fact that this museum contains such a variety of artifacts implies that this place will take everyone on an immense time traveling journey. The collection contains Parthenon sculptures, Egyptian mummies and even Rosetta Stone. All of the events are carefully planned so that the visitors can completely comprehend the culture from which the artifacts are coming from.

National Gallery

This gallery has an enormous collection of various art works. This collection counts over two thousand paintings, some dating back to the Middle Ages, whereas others are contemporary inspiring works of art. All these are open for all visitors with no cost. If art is something you find soothing, then visiting and seeing Van Gogh's, Botticelli's, Rembrandt's and many other famous painters a true treat for your soul.

Natural History Museum

This beautiful museum contains a wide spectrum of the rarest species that ever stepped foot on planet earth. Whether you are here to see various animals that exist, or you want to see extinct species which used to roam the world, this place has it all. It is certainly a must see for all those who love nature. It is important to mention that Darwin Centre Cocoon is a must see, where you can take a look at scientists working in their laboratories as well as various specimens of species.

Tate Modern


This is a beautiful museum of national art that is full of various works of art that are free to see. The museum is on the banks of the Thames and the unique look is due to the fact that this building used to be a Power Station. A beautiful hall spreads across the whole length of the building, where all the mentioned works of art are on display. At the top of the building, there are several restaurants that offer a breathtaking view over London city.

Science Museum

This museum is the most visited technology museum in Europe. This is not a surprising fact because there are over 15.000 objects on display. These objects present the pinnacle of human technological progress over the last 300 years. One of the most visited objects on display are Apollo 10's command capsule and Stephenson's Rocket. What also all visitors like to experience is the IMAX 3D and 4D cinema with a screen bigger than four double decker buses.

These are only some of the possible locations that you should visit as London is rich with many more locations. Some of those being the London Eye, Victoria and Albert's museum, Tower of London, Royal Museum Greenwich and many other. Yet a very important thing is that you have proper accommodation. Even though you will not spend much time in the hotel, it is important that you aim for something that will only better the whole impression London will make on you.

If you plan to visit this beautiful city, keep in mind that you should stay for a longer period of time, a month at least, so that you can visit the most popular tourist locations.

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