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5 Handy and Practical Tips for Not Missing Your Early Morning Flight

Making to the airport on time to catch your flight is one of the most stressful things in the world. You always try to leave early but end up just making it. This can be due to a lot of reasons, but one of the main reason is that you underestimate the traffic, every single time!

If you have gone through this too, you must know the stress of catching an early morning flight. Sure, traffic might not be so bad, but you always feel that you overslept and missed your flight. Whether you are looking at taking a van service to Newark airport or JFK, always be ready for complications along the way.

If you are equally worried about missing your early morning flight, here are some tips to take the stress off of you!

1. Pack in advance

No, this does not mean packing the night before. You always end up having a ton to do on the night before and having the stress of packing can just make it worse. Rather than doing a hurried packing the night before, ensure pack you at least a day or two before so you can calmly add or remove items when you wish to. This way you can relax and have a good time the night before your flight as well!

2. Precautions

This should be your top priority if you are a heavy sleeper. If you feel like you might not hear the alarm or hit the snooze button a little too often, it makes sense to have a backup plan and have someone call you or wake you up physically. This is especially necessary if you have missed out on your alarms too often. The struggle is real, especially when you need to get up at unearthly hours so make sure you ask for help!

3. Organize

Apart from packing a day in advance, make sure you organize all the documents you need in advance as well. Make sure that your travel bag or luggage has all the essential documents such as your ticket, your passport, your visa, your identity proof, etc. This will save you a lot of time in the morning, and you will not be seen running around in a panic looking for your passport!

4. Transport

It is never a good idea to book a van service to Newark airport or JFK at the last minute, especially if you are already running late. Chances are, there won’t be any cab willing to take or even in the vicinity when you actually need one. Booking a cab or a van service in advance will give you relief from the last-minute transport problems!

5. Sleep early

Never try to pull an all-nighter when you have an early morning flight. It is bad for your system, and you will find it very difficult to function later on in the day. Just go for a run or a good workout in the evening. This will make you feel sleepy a lot sooner, and you can have some good hours of sleep before you need to be up for the flight!

Catching an early morning flight is a feat in itself and if you have done it successfully, give yourself a pat on the back! The next time you have to catch a flight, you know you can do it with more ease with these easy tips!


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