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5 Hacks to Make Your Picnic More Fun

Now that it’s getting warm and sunny, we all know what it calls in for picnics. Nothing beats a good old picnic to a scenic place and if it involves your close ones, it is double the fun. A mini vacation in itself, a great picnic is not like your normal hangout, in fact it is more proper, neat and involves some hearty, delicious snacks too. Because of its special nature, no one can say no to these outings because everyone has a special place for them in their hearts.

In case all this ramble has suddenly incited a sudden urge in you to go out, before you leave, be sure to try out these worthwhile hacks to have an even more delightful experience:

1. Save the Finer Stuff

If you tend to hoard over mats and fine blankets, then picnics are the occasion when you will probably bring the best ones along with you. Since it is an outdoor activity and there is going to be uneven, muddy and even damp surfaces, take along a shower liner with you too. Place the shower liner first and then bring out your traditional picnic mat to save your pretty mats. In case if this seems to much work, just lay out the liner and begin your damp-free, easy to clean little picnic.

2. Packing Food the Creative Way

The main star of any picnic is the meal and the pressure to take all of them safely is real! If this seems hard, try keeping up with the perfect presentation obsession. These outings can be unbelievably hard, especially if you lack the creativity or time. So to hack it down, there’s a bunch of stuff you can try.

If you worry about where to keep the sauces and condiments as you eat, bring along the muffin trays and fill them up. If you worry that all your pina coladas turning warm and your desserts going runny, then you better pack everything in your ice makers (more on And if your intricate pieces of food need some safe packaging, bring out the egg cartons and save yourself the extra tray and tapes.

3. Believe in “No bake” desserts

So while you will be preparing so many things for your perfect getaway, give yourself a sweet break by going for no-bake, chilled desserts. Mason jars will be your best friend, for you can make your desserts in them, keep them in the freezer and open them as individual servings on your picnics. Also, these tough jars are known for accommodating big quantities and maintaining the right temperature, so once your desserts are done expect them to stay that way until someone devours them.

4. Saving the Day from Bugs

Since you will like enjoying your time more with people rather than with bugs, be mindful to take care of those sneaky little-uninvited guests beforehand. A quick hack, which will also add in major glam points, is to use net cloths for covering purposes. Cut out those sweet net patterns in square, stitch and lace them according to your will and Voila! Accessories that actually serve.

And while the food is covered, don’t forget about those special chillers. For your drinks, pop on some cupcake cases on your glasses, pierce them with straws and creative crafty lids immediately.

5. A Six Pack for Your Spoons

When you bring everything in big baskets, there will be a lot of hassle, to begin with. From putting everything inside to making sure you reach your destination on time, you can be sure of one thing- by the time you actually sit down on your picnic mat, everything will be out of its place.

So as you frantically look for everything, good luck finding all the spoons and forks as they practically vanish the scene magically. To avoid this huge waste of time, a quick way to go about this is to pack everything individually. You can pack all your cutlery, be it spoons, forks, straws and even napkins, in one place by converting a six-pack drink container into a utensil caddy. This way you can easily take everything out, put it back in after use and won’t have to worry about missing even a single piece of cutlery.

And lastly, for an amazing experience, know to enjoy and ignore the little ups and downs.

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