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5 Design Ideas for a Condo Space

Condos are becoming increasingly popular because they provide all the convenience of a busy city life while still remaining affordable for professionals and young families. Some might worry that limited and shared spaces might be an issue in terms of design and décor. This doesn’t have to be the case; condo owners could utilize the space in exciting and creative ways and use the apartment to express their own individual sense of style.

Choosing a theme and design the condo around it is always a popular way to go because smaller spaces work better as a coherent entity.



A sleek and elegant design will give your condo a timeless look and make it great for parties and get-togethers. Exposed brick walls and a few frames with a modern art will create the atmosphere that you need to counter balance with warmer and more welcoming furniture. A few sofas in earth colors and tall unnoticeable lamps will do the trick. A large coffee table will also work well with this look, especially if it’s dark and heavy so it can become a centerpiece of the room around which the conversations happen.

Single color

Simplicity is always a plus with smaller spaces. It also gives you a chance to find a way of expressing creativity with small and subtle touches. Decide on a single color and show your personality by working in different shades of it. Start by painting the walls. They should always be a touch darker than the rest of the room. A lot of diversity could be accomplished just by adding stripes or patterns. A great way to offset the monotony is to use visually sticking pieces of wood furniture. These sorts of condos feel very intimate and cozy.



Creating a design that corresponds with the environment in which your condo is located can be both visually striking and comfortable to live in. Use websites like ownatlantic.comto look for a perfect location for your peaceful retreat. Use beige and wooden palette to mimic the aesthetic of the outdoors. Try to use only plants which could be found just by stepping into the local park, but there’s nothing wrong with sneaking in a few exotic plants as well. This setup also works well with a few larger black pieces of furniture.


There’s something classy and deceptively simple about an all white décor. It widens the space and gives it a clean and well-kept look. This is also a good choice for those with large windows and a lot of sunlight because white decreases the room temperature. Curtains and a few cushy chairs should be the most noticeable pieces of furniture. Make sure you leave enough space between the furniture and let the room breathe. To counterbalance the white use a few decorative pieces or paintings in bold colors such as dark blue or black.

Going dark

Alternatively, you can go dark and base the design on rich and heavy textures that make the apartment appear smaller, but deeply peaceful and warm. Choosing the right tiles is the most important step for creating this effect. Thick rugs and furniture in dark orange or red color will also emphasize this look. In order to add a bit of diversity, make sure to have some glass tables or ornaments in there as well. Also, a condo in these colors should have plenty of lamps available to brighten up the place when necessary.

A lot can be done with condos in terms of design. Smaller spaces are great for experimenting and creating compact themes.

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