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4 Reasons Why Cruises Make for a Perfect Vacation

An annual vacation is a luxury many Americans cannot afford. But with some advance planning and creative budgeting, you can prioritize a little R&R even a limited income.

Here are four reasons to set your savings goal and book a cruise for your next big trip:

1. See It All Without the Shuffle

Cruises allow you the opportunity to visit many different places on a single trip without ever having to catch a plane or a train or even check in and out of different hotels. You only have to unpack once and you can spend all that extra time relaxing and enjoying the amenities onboard the ship. Whether you’re cruising to Alaska, the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, you’ll be able to see more in less time than if you were traveling on your own.

2. High Value for Less

A recent survey from Bankrate found that Americans spend an average of nearly $2,000 on an annual vacation. When traveling on a budget, it’s crucial to do your homework so that you can stretch your hard-earned money as far as possible.

By choosing a cruise, it will be easier to stick to your set budget since it is essentially an all-inclusive vacation. Aside from alcoholic beverages and souvenirs, there is little to spend on besides your prepaid per passenger rate. This way, you can more easily make the most out of your budget.

3. There’s Something for Everyone

From food and entertainment to excursions, variety is a running theme on cruise ships. There really is something for everyone. Picky eaters love the wide variety of dining options, knowing something they like is never far. Cruise ships have an assortment of entertainment options for all ages, from family shows to adult-only alternatives like spas, casinos and bars, as well as childcare to keep the kiddos safely occupied. There are plenty of well-planned shore excursions as well. So, whether you’re a thrill seeker looking to go whitewater rafting or you prefer the slower pace of learning about the local culture, you can find something that suits your interests.

4. Great for Large Groups

If you plan to travel with a large group of friends or family members, cruises are the most simple option from a logistical standpoint. With a traditional vacation, between coordinating flights, hotels, restaurant reservations and activities, it can feel more like you are trying to herd cats than enjoying a relaxing vacation.

If you have more than 10 people traveling together, you can often get a group cruise rate for extra savings. Since cruises attract a lot of large groups, there are plenty of practices in place like special group amenities that can include things like upgraded cabins, onboard credits or even private dining events.

With a set choice of options for dining, activities and entertainment, it’s easier for everyone to see each other and for anyone to do their own thing when they want to without feeling guilty.

Start Booking Your 2020 Vacation Now

When you consider the value, simplified logistics, benefits for groups and variety of dining and activity options, it’s easy to see why cruises make for the perfect vacation. Whether you want to check any number ofAlaskan cruisesoff your bucket list or you’re dreaming of exploring Europe on a Mediterranean cruise with your extended family, this is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to travel to multiple cities and see and do everything on your travel list. Planning as far in advance as possible is one strategy to make cruising even more affordable, so start booking your 2020 vacation now.

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