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15 Ways You Can Save Money While Traveling

Free Luxury Travel 1No doubt, traveling presents a great way to unwind and get loosed from everyday worries that are commonly found at home. Most people would love to travel at any single chance they get but due to a limited budget, they are forced to stay back and rethink.

Regardless of where you are traveling to (whether you are traveling abroad or to a neighboring state), there are several ways by which you can save money. Here are 15 ways through which this can be successfully done.

Book for your flight in advance

One of the most expensive aspects of a trip is the cost of airline tickets. When buying airline tickets, it is good to exercise patience, as it could be very rewarding. Take time to purchase your airline tickets in advance… if possible 2 months before the time of your travel. By so doing, you will spend less on the cost of the airline ticket.

Low-Cost Accommodations

Accommodation is another aspect that places high cost on your small budget. You could zap your budget while trying to stay in a 5-star hotel. In fact, you do not really need any star to be comfortable. All you need is just a bed and a pillow. You can also get the best rates for hotels when you plan for your vacation in advance. Ensure to check for hostels in the cities you plan to visit. Cheap accommodation is usually reserved for leisure travelers and backpackers in most leading cities across the world.

Buy groceries for food

The best way of getting to try some good food and keep the cost of food down is by eating from small mom and pop restaurants and food trucks. Consider buying some groceries if you plan on staying somewhere for more than a few days. It is not cheap to eat out every day while traveling or even while staying at home. So try to look into buying some breakfast foods and cheap meals such as sandwich at the local grocery store.

Get online for free

Strive to stay at places with free Wi-Fi or internet computers if you must browse. Most restaurants and bars often have this feature as a way of getting you to come in. If you are staying in a big city or town, feel free to check out the local library and get access to free internet. This is a great way of cutting down cost while traveling.

Travel during low season

You can make the cost of your whole trip cheaper when you travel during low season. During this period, airline tickets are sold cheaper while you can find accommodations at better prices because the weather is nasty especially during winter. In some places (northern hemisphere), low season is experienced during the summer months.

Use Public Transport

For internal travels, always go by public transport. Pre-loaded metro and bus passes are offered by many leading tourist cities such as Singapore. Internal city travelers have found these passes to be very convenient.

Use Credit Card Rewards

This is also a great way of saving money while traveling especially for those who are good with their credit cards and always pay off their monthly balance. Using cards with rewards points can be beneficial if you can stay clear of high-interest rates.

Find DIY Laundry

There is a good chance that you will need to do some laundry especially if you are traveling for more than a week. So finding a do-it-yourself (DIY) laundry mat, or hand washing your clothes by yourself will save cost for you. You can also wash them for free at you Airbnb.

Keep Low Calls

It is good to stay in touch with loved ones, however, it can also be very expensive to call home. Thanks to Social Media, distant communication has been made a lot easier. Find free Wi-Fi to get online and call home for free using Google Chat, Skype and other free online media.

Use Freebies

Freebies are commonly offered by hostels such as free food, laundry, shuttles and many other things, ensure to check out these features before booking your hostel as they can help you save money and time shopping.

Go for Biking

Biking can be an easy and cheap way of getting around town. Many cities like Vienna and Pula offer some type of bike rental program. Through biking, you can make it over to the beach and to the city centre and get back quickly.


One of the best ways to get around the city is by walking. This activity comes along with so many benefits. It gives you the opportunity to freely see things for yourself, get delicious pastries at small bakeries while you get to stay lean and fit well.

Do some free stuff

Every city has one or two free things to see and do. All you have to do is to ask and you will surprise to find something interesting to do for free. Some of such things include free walking tours, entertainment shows, sporting activities etc.

Midweek flying

Midweek flights are most often cheaper (about 4x) than weekend travels. So try to avoid weekend departures (travelling on Friday, Saturday or Sunday) if possible.

Look for local knowledge

This is where many travellers miss it! They usually prefer to remain ignorant than seek to acquire knowledge about the ins and outs of the city they are in. As a traveller in another city, it is important you inquire from your hotel's concierge and other staff about the best and worse places to go. By so doing, you tend to get a rough idea about the prices of commodities and how much you are expected to pay to avoid getting ripped off.


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