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12 Winter Essentials to Enrich Your Life & Enliven Your Home

Winter is hands down my favorite season. It’s synonymous with snuggly blankets, hearty meals, cherished family time, incredible scented candles, comfy PJs, lots of holiday cheer, and so much more. It’s a blissful time of the year that can be made even more memorable and worthwhile with the best winter must-haves. These season essentials will turn even the Grinch amongst you into a fun, holiday-and winter-loving soul.

So, without any ado, let’s take a look at some things that can make your winter more special!

12 Winter Must-Haves for Your Home

Here are twelve winter necessities for the home that will make the cold season memorable for you:

1. Warm Blankets & Chunky Throws

If you ask me, the best part of winters is that you can buy the finest, comfiest, coziest blankets and chunkiest throws and spend all day in them as the ambers in your fireplace crackle away. There’s something magical about the combination of a cold winter night and a stunning, warm, and chunky throw. You can find many varieties in colors, textures, and sizes for throws and blankets that will become a part of your winters for years to come. When buying throws, you can also invest in accompanying cushions for a homier feel.

2. Scented Candles & Diffusers

Let me say this right off the bat: candles are the ultimate winter must-haves. After all, what’s a winter night spent at home without signature scented candles burning on the mantle? I can almost smell the iconic firewood-type scents as I type this. If firewood is not your scent, you can choose other scented candles to make your home appear and feel warmer and cozier. If you want your home to smell incredible, you can also look into diffusers with long-lasting aromas that will make the air smell great even while you’re asleep or away from home.

3. Hearty Meals in a Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is a winter staple in most homes. Nothing can beat the smell of slow-cooked chili or stew on a winter weekend. You can invest in a modern model with a mix of practical and fancy features, such as steaming and searing. Make sure it’s big enough to make food for a big family so that even if you live alone, you can take it out when you have your loved ones over for a special holiday dinner.

4. Winter-Special Games

Jigsaw puzzles and board games are winter home essentials for my family and countless other families. I still remember how I would spend my winter holidays sprawled across the plush, carpeted floor of my mom’s living room in my PJs, trying to solve a 500-piece puzzle with my sister. They are cherished memories that I often look back to for comfort. There’s just something about playing jigsaw puzzles and games like monopoly on quiet winter evenings that help you create beautiful memories with your kids, parents, and other loved ones.

5. A Plush Bathroom

Another winter essential that will certainly enrich your life during the colder months is a warm, fuzzy, premium-quality bathrobe that you can snuggle into while drying your hair after a bath. A bathrobe won’t just help you stay warm, but it will also help you enjoy winters and look super chic. You can also take a quick nap in one after a shower during the afternoon.

6. A Luxurious Faux Fur Bedding

Do you want to save money on your heating bill while staying warm in your bedroom during winter? Invest in high-quality faux fur bedding that will help you give your bedroom a stylish upgrade while keeping you warm and comfortable while you read a book in bed, watch TV, or sleep. You can just buy comfortable sheets or an entire fur set for added luxury. Choose a neutral color that will not clash with your room décor, and you’re good to go.

7. Hot Chocolate & Coffee

Hot chocolate is another winter and holiday staple that one cannot go without. Similarly, a hot cup of coffee also becomes a necessity when the temperature continues to drop. You can invest in top-quality hot chocolate and coffee beans before the season to get great deals and never run out of them during the colder days. Trust me, a hot cup of your favorite beverage will help you start the day on the right foot.

8. An Adjustable Heater

A portable indoor heater is one of the most practical and effective winter must-haves. It will help you save on your energy bills during colder months, and the adjustable thermostat will keep you warm in your home. Since it will be portable, you can take it to the room you are in to remain warm throughout the day.

9. A Handy Thermos

Hot lunch on the go is the best thing you can treat yourself with when you’re running late for work on a cold day. You will need an affordable yet effective insulated thermos to keep your food and beverages warm. Invest in a stainless steel thermos as those are more durable than other materials, and you can find them in various sizes and colors.

10. Fuzzy Slippers & Foot Warmers

If you’re anything like me, you know how annoying it is to wrap yourself up in layers and feel all warm and cushy, only to realize that your feet are still cold as ice. However, I’ve found the perfect solution for that. Drumroll, please!

Enter fuzzy slippers and foot warmers.

Who says you’re too old to wear fuzzy slippers? Dispel that negativity and enter the world of warm, comfy, and oh-so-fuzzy slippers that feel like love- and warmth-filled gloves for your feet. Make sure you get the washable kind. If your feet are still a bit cold, you can invest in foot-warming rugs and warmers that will keep the iciness at bay.

11. Winter Recipe Books & Meal Planners

Recipe books dedicated to seasonal and holiday-special dishes also count as invaluable winter must-haves. Find cookbooks filled with wholesome, hearty, home-cooked meals that you can prepare with your family and feed your loved ones. You can also look for options that come with handy meal planners and fill them up with your favorite recipes to make things easier for yourself. This way, you can make your winters more memorable by preparing warm meals for you and your family every day.

12. A Journal for Your Thoughts

Even though winter is the season of holiday cheer, warmth, love, and joy, winter blues can catch you off-guard and make you feel gloomy. It’s why you need a journal that you can pen down your thoughts in and keep handy for such days. As a habitual journal writer, I tend to keep my journal on my nightstand to pour all my thoughts into it before I go to sleep.

However, it’s important not to pressure yourself to pen something in your journal every day. Otherwise, it will defeat the purpose of keeping a diary. You should keep it for special moments when you need clarity of thought or feel the creative juices flowing. A diary or journal can certainly help you center yourself and feel energized.

Invest in the winter must-haves mentioned above to brighten the cold days and spread love and cheer among your loved ones. Cheers!

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