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12 Architectural Tricks to Enhance an Open-Plan Space

The open-plan idea of living seems to be exciting for many, but the fact that modern house designs with open-plan gives the actual eye-catching impression. Truoba House Plan comes up with 12 open-plan living room ideas that would convert your seem-to-be dull place into a multi-functional family space.

These spaces should be fully utilized and well-designed to achieve the overall functionality of the area. It may sound too complicated and costly, but the good news is that the following ideas will save you a lot of money.

  1. Use realistic imagery to create an optical illusion

Sounds like magic to you, right? But definitely no. Adding a wall painting depicting a jungle-like green forest will certainly help you in welcoming the greenery of a garden, creating an optical illusion to the extra space. You can even enhance the botanical feel by adding a finishing touch of greenish velvet upholstery.

  1. Partially divide open-space with partitions and platforms

You can define your open areas with a central column at first, then add a partition wall with a bay to provide a mini depot. You can even tweak your floor level to add a decorative touch.

  1. Open up those old-age structures

Older houses have formal entrance formation. These structures may sometimes feel dark and enclosed. Try to open these formations and make modern house designs and alterations if they seem to be confined space.

  1. Tweak your choice of colors and shapes

Zone your space by using bold patterns. You can use strong lines to distinguish certain areas in your open-plan space. Rugs with patterned designs and colors that are a contrast to your floor texture can add a clearer definition.

  1. Allocate zones

Your home is where you belong, so make the most out of it. Design your open-plan space by allocating zones for the living room, dining room, and kitchen by using soft and welcoming textures to create a relaxing atmosphere especially within the living room, where you and your family gather for quality interaction.

  1. Let the natural light in

Ensure that your room stays bright by designing the windows and doors strategically. Natural light keeps your room feeling lively and may even contribute to a space to feel bigger than its actual size.

  1. Furniture selection

This needs a careful examination and a thorough assessment of the types of furniture you should be placed in your open-plan space. However, a large space is an advantage to everyone where they can spend time together, watch movies and play together. Select the furniture that would accommodate all of your family members and still would not occupy most of the area. Textures and colors should be taken into consideration as well.

  1. The sky is the limit.

One of the great advantages of an open-plan space, particularly the living room is that you have all the options of designing your front view. It is important to note the type of floor you will be using. It should reflect the natural light coming from outside. Having a view in the sky even if you are inside the house is a great addition to the natural ambiance.

  1. Garden-living room connection.

Design your living room in a way that is adjacent to your garden for easy access. Make the transition from inside to outside flawless by simply matching the internal flooring to external decorating. Strategically position your furniture so you can take most of the outer views and supervise your little ones as well when they are playing outside.

  1. Natural toned blinds and curtains

Choosing a large window will allow sufficient natural light to shine in your room. Installing natural-toned blinds or curtains will only add to the warm feeling to this welcoming room.

  1. Create a family-friendly room

Most are not aware that the living room is meant to be lived in by each family member. They might notice that the space is so minimal that they want to repair it and just for more open space. Although it is quite possible to do the repair thing, the undeniable fact is that time and effort were wasted along the process. So you should plan the area of your living room ahead of time. You can combine traditional wood furniture with modern ones to give better contrast.

  1. Link two rooms with one another

Create a flow to your joined two rooms by simply painting both walls with the same colors. Neutral colors such as beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray and other natural hues are good choices.

There you are. Maximizing your open-plan space need not be costly. It can be done by smart decorating and styling ideas. By following the tricks mentioned above, your open-plan space wood looks separate but flawless.

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