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10 Most Important Rivers in the World

frfeqrfqerfThere are lots of rivers in the world. In fact, almost all the countries in the world are blessed with many rivers. They are among the natural resources that human beings have relied on to make the world a better place because they offer a lot of benefits to mankind. Amongst the famous rivers in the world, there are 10 that stand out as the most important.

Amazon River

This is one of the longest in the entire world. It is believed that the Nile is the only one that is longer than this. But when it comes to volume, it is the longest of all in the entire world. The flow of this covers one-fifth of the entire river flow in the world, covering areas in Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia, and flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. There are more than 3000 fish species with the Bull Shark and the Amazon Dolphin as the most significant.


This is the confirmed longest river in the whole world. It covers more than 6,650 km (4,132 miles) across the Mediterranean Sea from the eastern part of Africa. There are two main tributaries here, and they are the Blue Nile and the White Nile. The old Egyptian civilization is anchored on this river. The land around this is more fertile than any other in the world because of flit deposits from the river. Spiritually, it also has a lot of significance in the life of that country.


The river that springs from the Himalayas Mountains in India and terminates in the Bay of Bengal covers 2,510 km (1,560 miles). The Hindu religion sees it as a very holy one and even the goddess of the river is worshiped. The bank of the river has been home to many imperial and provincial capitals in the past. The Hindu religion also sees the Varanasi on its banks as the holiest city in its doctrines. So, it is so important to them. For them, if you have not taken your bath in that river at least once in your life, you have an incomplete life. That is why the cremated ashes of their loved ones are splashed there.


In the European continent, this seems to be the most important river. It is the second largest river here, and the Roman Empire used it as a very important frontier during the time it held sway. Presently, the river serves as a border to 10 countries in the EU. This springs from Germany’s black forest, spirals through 4 state capitals, and then terminates into the black sea. The German Rhine–Main–Danube Canal is a huge investment here, and this channeled it through the black sea to the Rotterdam on the North Sea through the trans-European waterway.

Yangtze River

This is another very important river. It stands as the longest river in the country named China. In the world, it is listed as the third longest. Covering about 6300 km long (3915 miles), it springs from the Tibetan plateau. This river flows across the Yangtze Gorges in a very beautiful manner and then gets into the East China Sea. In this river, there are many dams. But the most significant is the Three Gorges Dam, which stands as the largest hydroelectric power station in the world. It is busier than many other waterways, with huge commercial traffics on it all the time. There are many river cruises also, and this makes a lot of money through tourism.

Mekong River

This is the 12th in the list of the longest rivers but it is very important. It starts from the Tibetan plateau and crisscrosses through the Yunnan province of China, through Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and even Vietnam. There are many waterfalls and rapids, and the seasonal flow varies. So, this makes the river difficult to navigate. The basin is second to that of Amazon in terms of the highest biodiversity in the world.

Zambezi River

In Africa, it is the fourth longest and a lot is gained from it the same way people win money online. It springs from Zambezi and runs through Angola to the Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. It actually terminates into the Indian Ocean. It harbors the amazing Victoria Falls and there are huge animals in it, including the crocodiles, Hippopotamuses, and many species of fishes. Here also lives the bull shark

Volga River

This is the longest river in Europe, and Russia gains a lot from it. The most important is that 11 of the countries’ cities including their capital lies on the drainage basin of this river. Springing from a highland of 225 meters (740 feet) in the Valdai Hills, it flows into the Caspian Sea. A lot of inland shipping and other transport activities in Russia happen here.

Mississippi river

In entire North America and the US, this is the largest river. Covering about 2,320 miles (3,730 km), it springs from the Lake Itasca and flows into New Orleans around the Gulf of Mexico. It drains about 31 states in the US and was an important route for trades in timber, cotton and food items.

Sepik River

The New Guinea islands have this as its longest river. Starting from the Victor Emanuel Range around the Papua New Guinea elevation, it flows into the Bismarck Sea in a serpentine fashion. It runs into the sea without any deltas. Through the small tribal groups around it, lots of extensive and original artistic traditions spring up. The environment is among the few undisturbed in the world.

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