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10 Golden Rules for Living the Life to the Fullest

Life will teach us many lessons, one of them being that we only get to live it once. We are the only ones responsible for molding our life, it is the biggest responsibility we will ever have. This is why we need to embrace everything that life brings and try to make our own happy ending.

1. Be Yourself, Love Yourself


Pretending that you are something that you are not is not worth all the petty reasons such as being accepted. The only thing that you are going to achieve by being something that you don't want to be is hate yourself. One of the golden rules of having the life you always wanted to have is to show your true face and be nothing but yourself.

2. Spend Time with the People You Care About

Life is short, so wasting your time with people you don't care about or those who don't care about you is pointless. As you get older, you will realize how important spending time with your dear ones is. Don't make false excuses and try to blame other people, get up and visit your parents this weekend. As a matter of fact, do this every weekend and don't worry about having enough time to accomplish everything you've planned-with good will, you can do anything.

3. Don't Regret Your Past

Regretting your past is a completely wrong approach to life. By doing this, you are denying yourself as a person, as a human being. It is in our nature to make mistakes, but holding grudges against yourself isn't going to bring back the time. This is a part of who you are and every memory, good or bad, is just another page in your life's diary.

4. Read Books


Do something productive and creative such as reading books. This will have a really good influence on your psyche and your whole life as it is one of the best ways to achieve serenity and get in touch with your own thoughts. Choose a genre that suits you, start slowly and remember-sometimes reading anything at all is better than not reading at all.

5. Go Outside

Don't close yourselves in your homes. Every time you sit down to watch TV, stare at the ceiling or surf the internet, you can chose to go out for a relaxing stroll in the nearest park or anywhere else if you don't have a park near your home. If the whole world is a mess, you don't have to be a part of it.

6. Travel As Much As You Can


Learn about the world, see different places and dare to meet different people. There is more to the world that you can even imagine so, pack your backpack and your passport and explore it. Explore nature, explore monuments, try new food and drink coffee at cafes all around the world. You don't have to Instagram it to make it a memory, keep something to yourself-your older self will be grateful for these things one day.

7. Sleep Less

We spend a lot of time sleeping, sometimes even more than our bodies and mind require. Stop sleeping so long, get up and do something. What good comes out from staying in your bed anyways? …and, did you know that the more you sleep, the more tired you get? Think about it!

8. Eat Good Food

Fast food equals life that is short and with less quality. Don't be satisfied with the easiest solution. Get new recipes and try out something new. Making food on your own can be fun, who knows, maybe there is a chef laying somewhere deep inside of you. Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink water and add spices to your life.

9. Be Active


Physical activity will make your life longer and better. When doing any kind of physical activity, our bodies produce the hormone of happiness called serotonin. Healthy mind comes with a strong and healthy body, so you do the math. Go to a yoga retreat for example and see how being active can actually be fun and relaxing, and not hard at all.

10. Work for Your Dreams

The last but not the least, you have to work for your dreams. Having a "good job" with a "good salary" might be just what you don't need. If you've always wanted to be a gardener or a baker, try to achieve success in those fields. Working a nine-to-five desk job might not be your definition of happiness.

Your life is your work of art-make it as unique as you can if you want to admire it afterwards.

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