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Tips for a Green Life

green-life-in-natureMost people these days genuinely want to live greener and reduce their environmental footprint, but many are not sure exactly how to fit a green life into such a modern fast paced existence without sacrificing a whole lot. The good news is that there are many simple ways to help the planet that don’t mean you have to pay out thousands of dollars for an entire solar system or give up your air conditioning. Consider introducing these 10 tips on living greener into your life-it’s easier than you think.

1. Turn Down the Heat

How hot is your hot water? Often hot water systems are set to temperatures way beyond what is needed. Think about it. If you have to tweak the mix of hot and cold water a lot for your shower then you can no doubt turn down the heat on your hot water system. By setting your system lower you’ll save energy and avoid the risk of serious burns. 55C/131F should be sufficient for most households.

2. Greenery in the Home

What is not to like about adding plants to your home. This is another easy and very pleasing green living tip you can introduce into your life. Plants help cleanse the air of pollutants so why not add some extra indoor greenery, such as peace lilies, to your home today.

3. Water Catcher

Saving water is one of the simplest things to introduce into your daily life with ease. One quick tip is to place a container in your kitchen sink and every time you run the tap you will catch all the overflow. Waiting for your water to run hot or cold? That’s fine-but catch it in your handy container then water all those lovely plants you’ve added to your home.

4. Move with the Times

Have you received loads of offers to stop paper billing and go electronic but are resisting the change? There are many benefits when you move with the times and embrace digital billing. Not only do you help the environment because there is less paper being produced and recycled, you save your sanity by not having to work out systems to deal with the influx of paper entering your home every day! Go digital today, you won’t regret it.

5. Quality Over Quantity

Nowadays you can find a very cheap version of practically everything your heart desires but for the environment and your wallet this can mean false economy. A t.shirt for $3.50 might seem like the bargain of the century until you realise you need to buy five a year because they quickly lose shape, pill or tear. That means extra trips to the store, more paper receipts, more bags and more manufacturing! Purchasing quality goods that last is a super smart green living tip!

6. Tree of Life

Adding greenery to the interior of your home is a great green living tip but why stop at the interior of your home? Plant a new tree in your back yard or front garden and help cleanse the air for you and your neighbourhood. Purchase your tree from a local nursery who will be experts on advising you of the best choice for your area and garden size.

7. Drive Green

Although you might not be in the market for a new car today, when you are take a serious look at an electric car or hybrid option. Electric cars are a fabulous way to save money and the environment and as they grow in popularity the initial price will come down. Imagine never having to pour gallons of gasoline into the tank ever again!

8. Take a Second Look

We’ve become so accustomed to purchasing brand new items at super low prices that it’s easy to forget about the option of buying second hand goods. As both budgets and the environment become more strained, considering used goods is a great way to improve both.

9. Green Gifts

You don’t have to buy your friends and family environmentally friendly cleaning goods as gifts but you can make their gifts greener when you choose clever gift packaging options. Instead of using paper choose something the receiver can use or reuse such as an item you intended on throwing, like newspaper or even an old roll of wallpaper that’s been kicking around. This fun and environmentally friendly way of wrapping gifts will be appreciated by your gift recipients for sure.

10. Stock Up

Did you know that the less you keep in your fridge and freezer the more energy they use? Stock up on items that have long use by dates or simply fill your fridge up with bottles of water!.

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