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Reasons Why Dry Cleaning is a Must for Clothes

Do you think your clothes will have the same benefits if you wash them at home and have them dry cleaned by a professional? Although not all garments are required for dry cleaning, it is essential for the clothes to have the proper care they need to maintain their condition and lifespan.

Proper wardrobe maintenance is the foundation of cleaning efforts to preserve the quality of the clothings. Always check the wash tags of your garments before laundry.

What clothes to dry clean?

The best way to know which cleaning method is best for your garments is through the wash label on them. However, some labels need interpretation. There are some wash labels that indicate “dry clean only,” while others say “dry clean.”

It is because manufacturers are required to list only one method rather than placing all the options. Thus, to ensure whether your clothes are only for dry cleaning, let the dry cleaning experts deal with the “dry clean only” clothes. Meanwhile, those fabrics with the “dry clean” label have to undergo a quick fabric test to determine whether it is possible to hand wash the clothing with soap and water or use the washer.

Why is dry cleaning a must?

Delicate fabrics are easily damaged by the heat and water treatment of the traditional washing process, and stubborn stains are not removed by the washing process. The use of water and heat in traditional washing alters the structure of the delicate fabrics. That’s why if you want to protect your clothes, dry cleaning is a must.

Pay attention to the wash care label on your garments to determine which of them responds best with dry cleaning. If the clothing does not have any label, it is time to trust a professional dry cleaner. The benefits of the service goes beyond removing stubborn stains, and you will question yourself why you did not use dry cleaning services sooner.

Gentle Method

Today, dry cleaning is more environmentally-friendly and gentle than the old-fashioned washing and drying method. Dry cleaning experts know how to care and handle your clothes properly. If you combine their years of experience with their innovative equipment, then your clothes will be in a much better shape after the process.

Cleaners Pay Close Attention into the Details

At times, you are so busy or tired from work that when you do laundry at home, you are not focused on the process. Moreover, there are other tasks you have to do aside from washing your clothes, you need to fold, iron, and store them into the closet. If you are being inattentive to the details on how to properly care for your garments, you may damage them in no time.

However, if you opt to hire and let professional cleaners do the dry cleaning and laundry services, they will pay close attention to the details. Everything on the wash label of your clothes will be followed. All you need to do is receive your garments and store them properly in the closet. Aside from these perks, dry cleaning methods have faster turnaround time.

Perfect for Odor and Stubborn Stain Removal

Unfortunate moments give you stains and odors on your favorite garments. You may have an idea that pretreating the stains with home remedies can help. However, if these stain pretreatment is not done right, it may cause damage to the garments.

Thus, if you have stubborn stains and odors and you are not confident to pretreat them. do notD throw the clothes immediately. Instead, inspect the clothes, head over to the laundry shop, and let the professional dry cleaning expert do the best practices of reviving your favorite clothes.

Handles Large Garments

Aside from the clothes that you store in the closet, there are larger items that need to be dry cleaned. Have you thought about the rugs, sofa covers, large comforters? These items are unmanageable to handle alone. Hire a professional dry cleaner to handle your clothes and large linens. Aside from it saves you time, you are free from stress and doubts whether you are doing the right thing.

Professional Results from Dry Cleaning Experts

Dry cleaning experts know how to obtain the best results to protect and extend the lifespan of your clothes. The cleaning process does not expose the garments to the fiber-wearing agitation of the washer. Moreover, help the experts clean your garments more by discussing and pointing out to the cleaner.

Does dry cleaning have limitations?

All things have limits. The experts and the process of dry cleaners can do exceptional things to restore your clothes into its original color, shape, and condition. Its thorough cleaning method can remove stains, but there are limitations to what they can achieve. Even the most experienced and skilled cleaner cannot achieve the following:

  • Completely remove the stains that have already set in or correct the damage caused by improper stain removal.
  • It cannot restore the areas where tears and wears are evident, nor the holes created by pests or acid.
  • Grimes and dirt that have set and ingrained for a couple of months or years is impossible to remove.

Although these issues may be difficult to resolve, these are preventable with regular dry cleaning. It is always possible to remove stubborn stains and grimes if they are treated as soon as possible. However, if the grime and stain has aged and set in the fabrics and due to its type, it may be hard for dry cleaners to remove it.

Moreover, some dry cleaners do not offer tailor and alteration services as these are not included in the usual dry cleaning service. If you have these problems, then you need to find a laundry service that offers additional service.

Final Thoughts

It is interesting how several people are interested in dry cleaning, and that means their understanding on maintaining the wardrobe has matured. As clothes need dry cleaning, it should be limited as excessive dry cleaning may shorten the lifespan of your clothings. Everything has to be in moderation.

If you have any questions, please ask below!