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The Best Low-Maintenance Grass Varieties

The United States is blanketed in about 128,000 square kilometers of grassy lawns, according to NASA. Americans certainly love their lawns. Homeowners can choose from a seemingly infinite amount of grass plants and there exists extensive varieties beyond that. If you aren’t happy with your lawn, consider a change of […]


Often Forgotten Home Maintenance

Improvement and maintenance is a never ending cycle of to-dos that beg for homeowners' attention. There are seasonal and annual things that need to be done as well as emergency repairs that crop up depending on the age of your home. These repairs mean that there are some important home […]


What Women Love About Men

What do women want in a man? Various studies from around the world may have some differences, but a few key characteristics are always mentioned when women describe or rate the perfect man. Below is a list of physical and personality attributes that women find most attractive. Fashion Sense In […]


Reasons to Install a Wooden Summer House

Summer season is one of the best times that most people are waiting for. A lot of people, especially the children, spend most of their time outside the house and enjoy a little get together with their best friends. A wooden summer house will surely make summer an enjoyable experience. […]


How to Stay Cool in Summer

Summer is coming and for most people that means hot weather is also on its way. Whether you enjoy hot weather or not, you probably will look for ways to stay cool during the summer. Here are six ways to beat the heat and stay cool this summer. 1. Turn […]


Advantages of Zero Turn Mowers

When zero turn mowers first emerged onto the market, they were mainly for the commercial sphere and marketed on the basis that they would enable professional gardeners to get their jobs done quicker. Once their speed, agility and ability to turn on the spot became clear, however, these mowers quickly […]


Finding a Playset That Is Fun and Safe

As a parent you might be concerned about the safety of your children when they go to an outdoor park to play. Between the number of child predators lurking around those places and the shoddy maintenance on the equipment, there are a lot of ways for your children to get seriously […]