Why a Home Elevator is a Great Alternative to a Stairlift?

  1. Safety

Home elevators make your home much safer compared to stairlifts. For starters, they eliminate the need for your kids to use the stairs before they are ready to use them. This eliminates the possibility that any of your young children will fall on the stairs. It is not just your children; home elevators reduce the chances of anyone falling on the stairs. They are particularly useful for those prone to falling on the stairs, and who just can’t use them.

Moreover, most home elevators come with a spare battery that can be used as a spare source of power in case of any power outages. New technologies reduce the chances of someone or anything important being stuck in them. They also come with sensors that will stop the elevator in case an obstacle is on its way. If your pet is accidentally on the way of the device, the moment it senses it, it will stop, leaving no harm done.

  1. Peace and quiet

Most home elevators today are quiet such that you can’t even notice they are there. Some of them use built-in motors and others may use conventional hydraulic mechanisms. Regardless, they are designed to promote peace and quiet at your home. They can be used at whatever time (day or night) without inconveniencing those who would appreciate some peace and quiet.

  1. Easy and Fast Installation

Most home elevators today can be installed within a day. That’s just how easy they are to install. Furthermore, they can be installed anywhere in your home, even in the closet if the architecture and design of your home permit it. You can have like a magic closet. The fact that they can be installed anywhere means that they don’t demand much space for installation. Most home elevators, for instance, those from Stiltz Residential Elevators, are compact and don’t need a separate location for the installation of the mechanisms that drive them, since all these are fitted within the elevator unit. In addition, their ease of installation also means you won’t have to look for a new home just to have them installed. You can install them in almost any house. Try to do the same with stairlifts and see.

  1. Versatility

Unlike stairlifts, home elevators can be used to relocate not only more than one person but they can also be used to carry other stuff in your home. Some of them even come with remote controllers that enable you to move luggage and even your laundry from one floor to the next without necessarily being in the elevator. You can think of it this way, as long as it’s quite heavy and it’s within the recommended weight for the elevator, you can use the home elevator to move it from one floor to the next.

  1. Convenience

Often, stairlifts require those in wheelchairs to relocate from the wheelchair to the stair lift and vice versa. This can be a pain if the individual has to make several trips in a day. This is not true with home elevators. Most of them are spacious enough to accommodate a standard wheelchair. Therefore, someone in a wheelchair will only have to get in the elevator, and he or she will be moved to the next floor. No relocation needed; no need for seat belts and other unnecessary fasteners. Just get in, and get out. Which takes me to the next point…

  1. Speed

Home elevators are faster than stairlifts. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Most stairs are diagonal and some get even worse when they have twists and turns. Homes with such stairs make it either very expensive or impossible to install stairlifts. In addition, even when you manage to install a stairlift, the journey is not pleasant for those who use these devices. At the same speed, a home elevator will complete the relocation of an individual from one floor to another quicker, simply because the home elevator will travel on a vertical straight line. The journey is shorter, therefore quicker.

  1. Reduce Traffic

Stairlifts will take up the entire space on the stairs if they are narrow or more than half of the space if they are wide. If the stairs are narrow, it means two people cannot use the stairs at once and one will have to wait for a while until the person using the stairlift is done with their trip. Home elevators will be installed at a different location in the house. That means there will never be traffic on the stairs in case they need to be used.

  1. Style

Most luxurious home elevators are stylish and fit in just right with the design of your home. You can even have them customized to be however you would prefer them to be. This leads me to my last point.

  1. Increased Property Value

Due to all the above advantages introduced by home elevators, it means your house will appreciate in case you ever need to sell it. The advantages that come with home elevators are preferable and convenient for most people. I’m sure you get it.

I don’t think you need any more convincing!

If you have any questions, please ask below!