Where Are Burglars Breaking In? The Entry Points You Need to Be Aware Of

Burglars are ingenious when it comes to breaking into a person’s house. They usually don’t need special tools that would otherwise alert you to the fact that the house is being broken into. Instead, they use four, easy entry points to gain access to buildings and subsequently wreak havoc.

Pet Doors

This entry point is not often considered because it is so small. They are a convenient way to allow pets to enter and leave a building as they please, but they pose a huge vulnerability to a home. Potential burglars can either crawl through the door if they are both small enough and if the door is big enough. If the door is not large enough, then the burglar will proceed to widen the pet door so that it is large enough for him or to fit through. To protect against this, it is recommended to purchase the very smallest door possible through which the pet can comfortably fit. ​

Garage Doors

People store lots of different valuables in the garage, including bikes, cars, golf clubs, lawnmowers, snow blowers, and leaf blowers. Unfortunately, the garage is also one of the least secure areas of the house. This can get especially dangerous if the garage leads directly to the house. If it does, the burglar can gain entry to both buildings. The best way to protect a garage from being an entry point to a house is to minimize the amount of time that the garage door is left open and having the garage door maintained on a regular basis so that it does not suffer any structural problems. It is also recommended to store any valuable tools or other small items in solid cabinets. Dave from says, “The door between the garage and the house should never be left unlocked”.


Windows are important entry points for burglars because they are everywhere and are not often secured. The windows that are secure are those that are open, easily visible from the street, and blocked by plants. All other windows can be considered to be a viable entry point. Always keep the windows securely locked, just as you would keep your windows locked. It is also considered to be a good practice to trim bushes so that they completely cover the lower windows. Although the plants will block light from entering the window, they will also serve to deter thieves. Allow light to be let through the higher windows that burglars cannot reach.

Front or Back Doors

Easily the most popular entry points for burglars are the front doors and the back doors. As a result, they are the first entry points that are checked when a house is being broken into. This means that the doors need to be functional, as well as aesthetic. They need to be strong enough to withstand a large amount of force that might be applied when a burglar is trying to enter. It is recommended to purchase high quality, steel doors that are strong enough to stop burglars from entering a building. Purchasing a door from a licensed manufacturer will allow homeowners to ensure that they are getting the best quality door possible, as well as that the door is the quality that is claimed. This will increase homeowner confidence.

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