What is Bluestone and for what Purposes is it Used?

The term Bluestone is a commercial name given to a variety of building stones. The work bluestones are used for basalt in New Zealand, Australia, and Victoria, the feldspathic sandstone in Canada and the United States, limestone in the USA, and slate in Southern Australia. In Stonehenge, the word bluestones were used for covering all the foreign stones found at the location. It is a convenient term rather than a geological term, as the word is used to represent at least twenty different types of rocks. However, the word bluestones are mostly used for representing the Presli spotted dolerite, igneous rocks comprising spots of secondary minerals substituting plagioclase feldspar.


4 Uses Of Bluestones

The Bluestone is a term used for representing the hardest type of sandstones. These stones come in a large variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Due to their durability, flatness, and availability in beautiful colors, they are popular building material.

  • The sandstones are highly resistant scratches. Thus, by using them to construct your house, you will make the entire building resistant to damage.
  • Since these stones are slip resistant, you can use them to make steps in your house and pave walking paths in your garden.
  • These stones are also long-lasting and easy to maintain, civil groups can use them to make headstones, pedestals, and walls.
  • They can be used to make artificial fountains in your garden. You can further use them to make colorful decorative figurines and they are easy to clean and maintain, so you do not have to shell out any additional cost to take care of things that are made of bluestone.

Advantages of Using Bluestones

The use of bluestones in construction does not only make the structure damage proof, but also makes it look beautiful and attractive. Given below is a list of the advantages of using Bluestone in a structure:

  • Since bluestones are light, stonemasons can easily carry and install them n whichever area of your house you instruct them to fix the stones.
  • Since the sandstones are cost effective, you can buy as many stones you please to install in your residential or commercial building.
  • Their long lasting nature will keep you from spending money on maintaining or renovating them.

Which are the places from where you can get the bluestones?

The internet is flooded with construction companies offering Bluestone installation and fixation in buildings at affordable price. However to choose a right construction company you need do the following:

  • When selecting a Bluestones installation company, you must find out whether the company is authentic or not. Feedbacks posted by various customers of the enterprise, on the organization's website, will help you to understand whether the company is genuine and delivers reliable sandstones.
  • It is not always easy to get the bluestones from quarried, but you can surely order for them depending on the design that you want to make, and also depending on your budget.
  • Once your research confirms, that, the building company that you have chosen to renovate your house, is authentic, you can look for their contact details online and get in touch with the executives to gain further knowledge about the particulars of the stone.


Since Bluestone is a quarried product, the color of the sandstones is determined by the depth of the region from where they are quarried. The deeper the stone extractor goes to get the stone, the more unique or dark colors of stones he or she is likely to get. Bluestones can face harsh weather conditions and are resistant to ice-melting situations. Thus, it does not matter whether you reside in an ice cold place or a region located near the equator, you can use Bluestones to construct your house.


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