What can’t a New Paint Job do?

Paint might be all it takes to refresh your home.

Our homes are our castles. They are where we relax, where we dine, and where we keep our thrones. Updating old and dinghy interiors to an out refurbishment – refreshing tired décor can be a costly process. So, let us try to save you some money.

If you are decorating your home interior on a budget, then we need you – and you need this article. A little paint and a brush could be all it takes to turn your home from drab to timid, and we can show you how.

There are not many things that Paint cannot do.

If you live in the Hawaii islands and you need a house painters near you, look no further. Oahu Pro Painters have all you need for successful décor in your Oahu home. However, if you live on the mainland, here are some of our best tips for refreshing your home using only a few tins of paint.

Painting is right for your Mental Health.

Before we even touch on the benefits of painting your home, we need to talk about how much it benefits you for your home. Painting has proven to be so good for your mental health and wellbeing that they now use it as art therapy in rehab clinics.

…and your Curb Appeal!

Painting the exterior of your home is a brilliant way to boost curb appeal in one fell swoop. Those that perk up the outdoor area of their beloved houses can increase the attraction potential buyers experience when passing by. If you want to turn them from potential buyers into real-life ones, a few coats of paint could be all it takes to get them through the door.

Painting Accentuates Key Pieces

Rather than being a poor man’s way of decorating a room, painting in block colors can be the height of good fashion. Keeping your room all to one or two minimal colors allows any key artwork pieces you must pop. You can even add another layer of chic by merely matching the paint color to the color of your details. You can use a color wheel to see which color goes best with which.

It Protects your Surfaces

Painting your surfaces acts as an extra layer of protection, keeping them away from wear and tear. Scuff marks, scratches, and scrapes are all part of everyday life in the home, but with a thick coat of paint in the walls, those cosmetic damages remain just that: cosmetic. When a fresh coat of paint could resolve many of your interior damage issues, you know you have been a good landlord.

Painting Adds Style

Specifically, painting your home adds your touch of style to the place. This is great if you plan to live there long term, not so great if you are trying to sell. To sell your home, keep colors neutral and opt for matching interiors—buyers like the turn-key finish when it comes to walls and floors.

Painting is the Way Forward!

Painting your home is the way forward, particularly for those that want a fresh look on a low budget. Try it yourself and, if all else fails, don’t forget you can call in the professionals with little more than a few clicks.

If you have any questions, please ask below!